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There are numerous perks to salt therapy. First, it’s natural and non-invasive. Second, it improves your respiratory and immune system significantly. However, the best part of salt therapy is it really works! There are many ways to undergo salt therapy nowadays. For example, you have salt therapy in a salt room if you prefer a quiet and tranquil spa day. You can travel to natural salt caves or to the seashore.  Furthermore, you can even use a SaltAir device at home!

The Basic Principles of SaltAir devices / How Salt Therapy Works

SaltAir devices use ultrasonic vibration technology. This transforms saline solution into under 5-microns salt particles. The salt particles release into the air and travel into your respiratory system. SaltAir devices are not humidifiers! They do place an insignificant amount on humidity into the air. However, they do so much more than that.  SaltAir devices provide salt therapy at home with easiness and efficiency!

These breathable salt particles penetrate deep into the lungs and up into the alveoli. To add on, it clears mucus and kills bacteria. Therefore, this reduces inflammation and humidifies the whole respiratory tract. The salt aerosol has a very good effect in cleaning the indoor air as well.  This is due to the bactericide property of salt and the high concentration of negative ions that stick to the positively charged particles. For example, dust, bacteria, and viruses are all positive particles. By partaking in salt therapy, you’re ridding yourself of positive particles. It’s a good thing!

Declaration of Conformity: This device was manufactured and controlled by ISO 9001 Certified Management System and conform to all aspects of the agreed specification. This device complies with the essential requirements and provisions of Council Directive MDD 93/42/EEC for Medical Device Class I
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Who Can Use a SaltAir device?

SaltAir is effectively used in any chronic respiratory diseases. It reduces inflammation, unclogs blockages, cleans the respiratory system and eases breathing.

As a preventive method, the device offers protection. Some examples include allergens, colds and the flu. It does so maintaining a good hygiene and strengthening the immunity of the respiratory system.

It is a very safe therapy for all people and ages, including infants and pregnant women. Additionally, it does not interact with any salt free diet or medication.  Furthermore, SaltAir device can also be used for respiratory problems in pets.

This treatment is perfect for infants with a stuffy nose!

Babies under 4 months old can only breathe through their nose.  So, when they get congested it is hard for them to nurse. Using a Saltair device will help an infant breathe easier and strengthen the respiratory immunity.

Where Can You Use Saltair?

SaltAir devices are small enough to be placed behind a couch, on a night table or on an office desk. They are 100% noise free. They’re also easy to operate and work while you’re asleep or awake. This device offers the extended exposure necessary to heal certain conditions.

To get the best results, use the device on a daily basis! Salt therapy has cumulative effects. Use it in your bedroom, in your office or living room! Take it with you when you are travelling. The longer you use it, the better you will feel!

Device Instructions

Saltair devices come with a traveller electric adapter, instruction manual and a FREE 3-month supply of natural rock salt. The salt comes in a reusable waterproof key-chain tube. Thus, it’s portable and very hassle free.

Rock Salt for salt therapyThe device is easy to use and does not require wearing a face mask or a mouthpiece.
You just plug it in and use it during daytime or overnight. SaltAir covers an area of maximum 45-50 cubic meters(about 1700 cubic foot). However, due to the forced air heating and air conditioning, we recommend placing the device close to your bed. Direct the gentle air stream towards you. This way, you can make full use of it while sleeping.

It’s important to note that the salinizer is designed for home use. It is NOT a humidifier! The humidity is minimal and the amount of salt aerosol is safe for home use. You won’t even notice the salt particles. They’re microscopic, majority under 2 microns. Thus, they’re not visible to the human eye. These salt particles are released into the indoor air for breathing.

Saltair uses only Middle Miocene Era mineral halite salt crystals, unprocessed and untreated with chemicals (98% NaCl, 0.5% calcium chloride and magnesium, 0.2 iodine and other minerals in their natural form). We also developed a melange of salts to speed your recovery in acute or flare-ups. Please find them in our online store and read more about how salt therapy works!


* The device has to be used only with our provided salt for the warranty to be in effect. Using a different kind of salt will void the warranty, as it can affect negatively the lifetime of the device!
We do not guarantee same health results using a different kind of salt!
**The device does not produce any environmental corrosion effects.

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