Saltair Salinizer Tips for Best Results

  • Use Saltair salinizer / salt therapy machine every day for at least 8 hours, preferably during night sleep.
  • In chronic respiratory conditions and where improvement is not seen in 1-2 weeks, extend salt therapy during daytime for as long as possible, by day use of Saltair, Salt Inhaler, salt lamps, etc.
  • In some cases the improvements may set slowly, depending how the body reacts and the stage of disease. Someone could notice a difference only when they've stopped using the device for 1-2 weeks. 
  • Read the Instruction Manual before using the salinizer! Start the saline solution with 1/4 tsp and it may be increased up to 1/2 tsp. No more than 1/2 tsp is necessary for therapeutic results! More salt will only shorten the device lifetime. The suggested quantity of salt will create a saline solution situated between normal saline to slightly hypertonic saline.
  • Place the device on a perfect level surface – night table is recommended – and direct the gentle air stream towards user. You may want to use a protective plate underneath the salinizer until you get accustomed with it and prevent accidental leakage.
  • Turn ON the device at bedtime and turn it OFF in the morning – a timer may be helpful and is recommended! Let the device to empty before refill. At refill, take off the water tank and leave the base on the night table. Refill the water tank, wipe it dry taking any drops of water from the water tank's groove, place it over the base and wipe the whole device dry, making sure there are no drops of water around the midline (where the water tank goes over the base). If you need to clean the base – recommended every 2 weeks – take the device apart to carry it to the sink, and clean the base as recommended in the Instruction Manual, avoiding water contacting the electric parts.
    Important: Do not move the device once is filled!
  • For daytime use, it is recommended to have another salinizer set up in living room or office. To move the device from one place to another it needs to be taken apart!
  • If there are calcular deposits on the ultrasonic cell, due to the minerals found in the natural rock salt, use the cleaning agent that comes with the device; put few drops, use the little brush and rinse with water.
  • To clean the interior of the water tank – let it soak in water with double strength cleaning vinegar (3 to 1 part water); empty half and shake it well; you can add a little dish detergent as well.
  • Saline solution is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and does not promote their growth! However, people suffering from CF, being more concerned about this, may clean the device more often, or even daily, to overcome this concern and benefit from salt therapy in breathing and increased respiratory immunity.  
  • In an acute or flare-up, use our Melange of salts for best results. Find it in our Store.