OMBRA Table Top Compressor Nebulizer System

The Ombra Table Top Compressor-Nebulizer System is a home compressor that features 2 AeroEclipse* XL BAN – the world's only breath-actuated nebulizer. These are designed to work together to convert prescribed liquid medication into an aerosol that can be inhaled into the lungs.

How this differs from other nebulizers?… The breath-actuated nebulizer (BAN) responds to user inhalation, which means medication is not being wasted between breaths or breaks in treatment, because the aerosolized medication is only produced during inhalation. This will prevent the medication to be released into the environment and preserve the medication for the dose itself.

ombra tabletop compressor

AeroEclipse BAN XL

Ombra tabletop compressor with aeroeclipse


  • Ombra 120V Table Top Compressor
  • Two AeroEclipse XL BAN
  • 5 replacement air filters
  • Owner's manual
  • 3 year warranty

Through AeroEclipse XL BAN, the hospital technology is available for home, in a 6 month reusable version for the home. It is designed with the patient in mind and it is intended for use by patients requiring at-home aerosol treatments as prescribed by a physician or healthcare professional.

   – it can be used in breath actuated or continuous mode

   – it has a green feedback button to auto correct technique

   – easy assembly with only three parts

   – ergonomic, clear body and milliliter gradation assist with proper medication measurement

   – reusable approved for 6-month

   – dishwasher safe on top shelf

The AeroEclipse BAN may be used with an Ombra Compressor or an air source capable of delivering a flow of 3.5 to 5.0 litres per minute (Lpm) under a nominal operating pressure of 0.92 to 1.79 bar (13.3 to 26 pounds per square inch [psi]).

Download Instructions AeroEclipse
Download Instructions Ombra-AeroEclipse System

Note: Please note that Ombra-AeroEclipse System or AeroEclipse BAN is not accepted to be returned for refund due to hygiene reason.