Other Salt Therapy Products

Salin Plus Device – Natural air ionizer / purifier


Clinical Studies

Salin device uses a new and unique method in the complex treatment of the  indoor air, used in many respiratory diseases, especially in the  treatment of asthma, allergic asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis and other.  The air is forced through a filter with micro-crystallized deposit of  salts, primarily sodium chloride (98% NaCl, 0.5% calcium chloride and  magnesium, 0.2 iodine and sulfur) and the air will become rich in salt  micro particles and negative ions of salt (salt aerosol).

By  continuously filtering the air, the air-purifying system creates a subtle but long standing result of salt aerosols in your  living space and modifies the air ionization.

The  device is easy to use and assures a good and healthy quality of air in  your living space. Use is recommended mainly at night to ensure a minimal daily exposure time of 8 hours. As much as possible, you should increase the exposure time to the entire day. One device is adequate for the treatment of max. 150 cubic meters  room.(about 450 sqft).

** The device does not produce any  corrosion effects.

Salt Inhaler / Salt Pipe


Salt Inhaler FAQ

The Salt Pipe Inhaler is our complementary product to the mainly night salt therapy devices, Salin Plus and the Ultrasonic Salinizer Saltair Domo, giving you the chance to  get even more exposure to the salt therapy, maximizing the beneficial  results. In chronic conditions we advice people to use one of the devices that works during the night to give 7-8 hours exposure and the Salt Pipe Inhaler during day.

The SaltPipe Inhaler is filled with Middle Miocene mineral Halite salt  crystals, same rock salt that we use in the other salt therapy devices,  placed into the pipe chamber so air is drawn through the salt. Its salty therapeutic micro climate calms and cleanses the cells of the  respiratory system helping you to breathe easy. Acting as a  'mucokinetic' it helps restore the normal transport of mucus and unclog blockages in the bronchi and bronchioles.

It  is recommended to use the saltpipe inhaler for 15-25 minutes daily, but the duration of the treatment can be raised up to 1-2 hours per day

In order to achieve the best results, you should get a continuously  exposure to the aerosol salt therapy and not only at odd times. Now this is easily achieved by using our in-home salt therapy products.