Salin Device General Presentation

General Presentation

Salin device uses a new and unique method in the complex treatment of the indoor air, used in many respiratory diseases, especially in the treatment of asthma, allergic asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis and other. The air is forced through a filter with micro-crystallized deposit of salts, primarily sodium chloride (98% NaCl, 0.5% calcium chloride and magnesium, 0.2 iodine and sulfur) and the air will become rich in salt micro particles.

By continuously filtering the air, the air-purifying system creates a discreet but long standing result of sodium chloride aerosols in your living space and modifies the air ionization.

The device is easy to use and assures a good and healthy quality of air in your living space, office or even in your car. Use is recommended mainly at night to ensure a minimal daily exposure time of 8 hours. As much as possible, you should increase the exposure time to the entire day. One device is adequate for the treatment of max. 150 cubic meters room.(about 450 sqft).

** The device does not produce any corrosion effects.

How to use it:

To have a significant healthy effect we recommend using the Salin device 8-10 hours/day. In the first period of utilization (at least a month) it is recommended the intensive use of the device. Try using the device as long as you can, at home or at work, even starting the system 1-2 hours before actually entering the room. Try to use it during every night and let it work on a resting body. You should place the device 30-40 inches distance from you, in your bedroom, using a night table. The device should blow the salinized (salty) air towards you.
It is not recommended to store or use the Salin device in spaces with high humidity or steam, in dusty places or in spaces with oily aerosols (kitchen), because these kind of environments damage the saline filter.

Healthy effects:

Use of the device among sufferers by various respiratory diseases, and our clinical studies have proved it’s effectiveness. Sufferers from ear, nose and throat diseases as well as allergic problems have experienced significant relief from otitis media, rhinitis, sinusitis and laryngitis and a reduction of allergic sensitivities.
The saline ionic air purifier had favorable results in various pulmonary disease like tuberculosis, pneumonia treatment, COPD, asthmatic bronchitis, bronchitis, bronchiectasis, respiratory insufficiency, silicosis as well as for those recuperating after tuberculosis or in  cystic fibrosis treatment and preventing asthma attack. The device is a real help in natural asthma treatment.

Through a general use by different persons, healthy or not, many favorable effects have been noticed such as:
an increased resistance to cold and flu, deep sleep, mental state comfort, diminishing or stop snoring and solving different breathing problems in children and adults.

Using this device you will notice a general air quality improvement, by retaining the dust, eliminating the cigarette smoke, unpleasant smells, mold. The system can be used to assure a general good environment with healthy and pleasant breathing air.

Mode of Action – general considerations:

The sodium ions are known both in the professional literature and the practicing clinicians as the main cellular membrane stabilizer at the respiratory epithelium level. The presence of the sodium ion causes bronchial secretions and those of the upper respiratory passages to flow more easily by quantitatively increasing the membranous transference factor. The cilia motion is activated, even in the case of the chronic smokers (which usually have very low cilia motion), all this resulting in a faster elimination of the secretions in the respiratory passages.
The sodium ion causes a decrease of the upper respiratory passages (the palate, the based of the tongue, the hairs of the tonsil cavity) often diagnosed in cases of chronic snoring.
The inflammatory edema, in terms of opening of the middle nasal passage, is also reduced, bringing renewed permeability and sinuses drainage. All these are the base of clinical recommendations concerning chronic respiratory diseases for the use of sea aerosols, aerosol salt therapy in salt mine sanatoriums and Romanian health salt spas, an asthma  natural relief .

Using the Salin device ensures a decrease of the inflammatory edema at the entire respiratory tract, allowing for a gradual reduction of specific drug therapy, thereby achieving greater efficiency in medical treatment. Using the device assures much improved activity of the respiratory tract, which constitutes a basic factor in maintaining a sound state of health. The use of the Salin device solves a large number of respiratory problems and provides a high level of immunity against various respiratory diseases on a natural way.

Anticipated results:

People suffering from respiratory disorders will quickly feel a significant improvement of the air quality, which will be fresh and easy breathing.
At the same time, it is likely that there will be other noticeable and beneficial effects such as a reduction or cessation in the use of asthma inhalers. Any current medical problems, however must be given special attention.
Salin device is recommended not only for people suffering from respiratory problems as a respiratory aid, but also for healthy people to increase the immunity of the respiratory system.
The device affects the flow of secretions of the respiratory passages and strengthens the vibrations of cilia, allowing the secretions to be removed quickly and respiratory passages to be cleared, bringing an easier and comfortable breathing pattern. Salin device frequently helps in clearing the nasal passages and diminishes the snoring and breathing problems in both, people ( infants, children, adults ) and animals ( dogs, cats, horses ).

Special Specifications:

Sometimes, in the first period of utilization, it is possible an accentuation of the coughing phenomenon. The fluidization of the secretion in the respiratory system leads to the elimination of these secretions. Coughing has an important part in this mechanism.
If the coughing strokes give you too much trouble you can set the voltage of the device to 6V or you can reduce the usage. REMEMBER that coughing, in this case, is not something to alarm for, unless it is too intense. You should then increase the usage step by step, from 1-2 hours to 6-8 hours daily and in less than 3 weeks the phenomenon mentioned above will disappear.
We recommend the same method in any other case of changes in your health state. In the first days of use, the amount of salt in the air is increasing so it is possible that the effects on your respiratory system are too intense.
*** Special Note – For those of you, with severe restrictions on salt consuming:
The amount of salt in the filtered air is very low, under 0,2g/day in the first 10 days of usage and under 0,1g/day in the first month. These quantities of salt reach the epithelium surface and there are eliminated with the mucus. Considering this, it is estimated that the persons with salt restrictions, would have nothing to worry about.

As a precaution, we still recommend to set the device somewhere, separately, for just 3-4 days while operating continually on 9 V, in order to eliminate the powder of salt formed during transportation.
You could also open the device case and blow out the salt powder.
All this time, the person who has restriction on salt consuming should not come into contact with the powder.

*** When reducing the voltage, the filtered air and the noise produced by the machine decreases.
With the exception of the cases mentioned above, we do not recommend decreasing the voltage.


Do not cease or change your regular medication or treatment without consulting your doctor.
Do not neglect to have regular medical checkups.
Always accept the advice of your own doctor.
Do not exert yourself beyond your normally daily routine.
The benefits of using the Salin device appear slowly but the results are impressive!

Technical data:

– voltage rated: 230 VAC / 9 VDC
– power rated: 10 W
– air flow rate: 12..32 m3/h
– recommended using space volume: max.150 m3 (~500 sqft)
– recommended time to use: 6..10 h/day
– useful life for filter: 4 months
– weight: max.1.65 kg
– dimensions: 181x165x235 mm (7 x 5.5 x 9 inches)
– noise level: max. 50 dB

Changing the saline filter:

To maintain the optimal parameters for purifying air capacity, it is recommended to change the Salin Plus device filter every 4 months of use. The following procedure must apply.

  1. Unplug the AC/DC adaptor from the main voltage supply.
  2. Remove the plug from the DC input jack on the back of the device.
  3. Remove the front lid by gently moving the clap on the bottom of the device and then pull out the filter.
  4. Put back carefully a new filter into proper slot and put back the lid.
  5. Renew the device’s supply.

Please note:

– The device should only be connected at 9 VDC.
– You should ensure that the device does not receive severe mechanical jolts.
– The device should not be stored or used in a damp environment and it should not be sprayed with water.
– If the noise of the device is disturbing, you can reduce the voltage with the adjustable voltage divider. Reducing the voltage will reduce the air flow and the noise level.

Statement of Concordance:

The Salin air purifying device with saline filters, corresponds to SF no. 1-2000 and to EN 60601-1999 stipulations -Note no. 1728/2000-Public Health Institute-Result of analysis no. 990/2000-SVIAM – Medical device testing equipment laboratory.
TUV Cert – ISO 9001:2000.


  • Approved by Romanian Ministry of Health and Family
  • Gold Medal Award at ‘ World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technology – EUREKA, Brussels, 2002
  • Silver Medal award at ‘Salon International des Inventions’, Geneva, 2002
  • Salin was selected at the 24th European Congress of Cystic Fibrosis, Vienna, 2001 (published in