Frequently Asked Questions – Salt Pipe

Salt Inhaler – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I use the Dry Salt Inhaler?
The Salt Inhaler is light and ergonomically shaped and can be comfortably held in one hand. Insert the pipe into your mouth and inhale through your mouth. You do not need to inhale more deeply than during normal breathing. Always exhale through the nose, as this ensures that the complete respiratory tract is thoroughly cleansed. The one way airflow safety valve in the saltpipe will prevent you from breathing out back into the pipe. You may experience increased expectoration after use of the pipe, which shows that the saltpipe and the salt therapy work and the cleansing of your respiratory tract has begun. The salt inhaler should be used for 15 – 20 minutes daily, either all at once or in shorter sessions throughout the day.

2. Is the Dry-Salt-Inhaler refillable?
The inhaler is not refillable. The active ingredient (salt crystals) lasts up to 1 year if stored properly, from the first day of use.

3. What kind of salt does the Dry-Salt-Inhaler contain?
Natural selected halite rock salt crystals from the famous Transylvanian Praid Salt Mine.

4. Why does the Dry -Salt-Inhaler have an integral one way airflow safety valve? What is its role?
The one way airflow safety valve is a unique feature of the Dry Salt Inhaler saltpipe. The safety valve performs 2 crucial functions. The first is to prevent the user from exhaling the air back into the salt chamber. This ensures long term quality and integrity of the salt, which could otherwise be affected by the warm moisture of the exhaled air coming from the user’s mouth and lungs. The second function of the safety valve is to help to train the user to exhale through the nose, which is essential to the optimum effect of the salt therapy on the respiratory tract.

5. How soon will I notice the positive effects of the salt therapy?
If you are using the Dry-Salt-Inhaler for general prevention of occasional respiratory problems, you will notice improvement over a period of time. Salt therapy activates body’s own deffence mechanisms, which can help ward off seasonal microbial and/or allergen attacks.

When using salt therapy in chronic respiratory diseases, the positive results will become apparent in 7 to 21 days after the start of the treatment.

6. Can I still take my current medication?
As the Dry-Salt-Inhaler contains only natural ingredients, it can be used alongside any current medication. Please remember that the Dry-Salt-Inhaler is not intended to replace your current medication, diagnose or cure any conditions. Please consult a doctor if you are concerned about the use of Dry-Salt-Inhaler in relation to your health condition.

7. Can I use the Dry Salt Inhaler Saltpipe during pregnancy?
Yes, Dry-Salt-Inhaler contains only natural ingredients and has no side effects.

8. Is the product suitable for children?
The Dry Salt Inhaler saltpipe can be used by people of any age so long as they are able to inhale through the mouth and exhale through the nose. We recommend that the device is not used on children younger than age of 3 because they may not be able to follow the breathing instruction.

9. Will the Dry Salt Inhaler saltpipe affect my blood pressure?
No, the amount of sodium that enters the body is negligible and will not affect blood pressure. Aerosol salt therapy exerts only localized effects on the respiratory tract and has no systemic effects. Inhaled aerosolized salt microparticles are subsequently expelled with mucus and secretions.

10. How do I clean and store the Dry-Salt-Inhaler?
It is important not to store your inhaler in humid places, such as bathrooms. It should not be exposed to water or other liquids. Always store the Dry Salt Inhaler saltpipe in a dry place and clean with lightly dampened cloth.