Otitis Media or Ear Infection

is the Latin name for "inflammation of the middle ear" or middle ear infection. It is very common in children but can occur at any age.

The ear infection starts usually with a upper respiratory tract infection, with symptoms as cough and nasal discharge.  The swelling of the mucous membranes and the nasal discharges can cause the blockage of the Eustachian tube and lead to ear infection. 

Eustachian tube ear infection

Treatment for ear infection is based on pain killers – ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Topical ear drops are also prescribed. Antibiotic therapy in ear infection is very common and often prescribed by doctors. However this should be prescribed with caution and weight the benefits and harms of using antibiotic therapy in ear infection.  Most ear infections will solve without treatment and if the pain is manageable with analgesics deferring the start of antibiotics is recommended. 

ear infection otitis media

The symptoms of an acute otitis media are pain in the ear and can be accompanied by fever and irritability in infants.  An acute otitis media can develop starting from a viral or bacterial respiratory infection, or can develop into a bacterial infection once the fluid trapped in the middle ear gets infected with bacteria.

A good natural approach in ear infection is aerosol salt therapy. The tiny particles of salt are able to penetrate behind the tympanic membrane and help in reducing the inflammation, clear the secretions and prevent bacterial infection.

The use of home salt therapy in cold and flu helps to reduce and prevent ear infections. The salt particles are of great help in cleaning the secretions and strengthen the respiratory mucosa.

Warm usually helps and adding few drops of warm olive oil with 1-2 drops of fresh lemon juice into the external ear will calm the pain and together with the salt therapy will quicken the recovery.