SaltAir UV mini – Office Air Salinizer

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SaltAir UV mini is an ultrasonic air salinizer with self-sterilizing UV light, designed for office or day use. What is special about this?

SaltAir UV mini is able to combine Salt Therapy and Aromatherapy, all in one unit. Many people have asked us for this –  here it is! Note: we do not provide the essential oil!

Combining essential oil use with salt therapy is a great idea! There are many natural essential oils with curative effects in respiratory problems. Together with the salt aerosol will help to speed up the mucus clearance, soothe the mucosa and open the airways.

It is recommended to use the SaltAir UV mini during the day, especially in an office setting and use the SaltAir-Ultrasonic Air Salinizer during the night to maximize your daily exposure to salt therapy and achieve optimum results, especially in chronic respiratory illnesses. (look under SaltAir combo options for more saving!). Consider adding at least one Rock Salt to your SaltAir UV mini unit to save later on from shipping!

– Therapeutic effects in all breathing disorders and allergies
– Improves breathing, blood oxygenation and concentration
– Reduces the effects of allergens and air pollutants
– Strengthen the respiratory system
– Salt therapy is 100 % natural and completely safe

Dim: 75x75x125 mm
Capacity: 70ml
Timer: 30/60/120/180min
Auto power off
Supports 100% natural essential oil

– USB cable and plug
– Instruction Manual
– Rock Salt supply for 3 months
– Measuring scoop

2 reviews for SaltAir UV mini – Office Air Salinizer

  1. Jacob

    nice product and portable design, I purchased two for mother’s day gift

    • admin1

      Thanks, Jacob! We are glad to be able to help!

  2. Gail Bridwell Brattain

    Is the salt dry air

    • admin1

      Yes, the salt particles are under 2 microns, very tiny and they dry instantly once they get into the air.

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