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Salt Therapy for Excessive Snoring

You wake up every night at 3:33am right as your partner’s breathing starts to churn into a heavy pattern. Then it starts: a loud thick snore that will keep you up for the next couple of hours. You’re exasperated because you’ve tried everything – opening the window, using a humidifier to purify the air, “gently” tapping them on the shoulder hoping to not wake them but shake them out of their snoring-spell. Nothing has worked so far.

Here is what you should know:

Snoring is common but excessive snoring is not normal and needs to be tended to.

  • Snorers are three times more likely to suffer adverse health conditions than non-snorers.
  • Sleep apnea is a serious condition with serious consequences
  • Snorers and their bed partners are more likely to be hard of hearing than non-snorers and their partners.
  • Over one third of couples report disharmony within the relationship due to snoring.
  • Bed partners of snorers physical and mental health improves significantly once the snorer has been treated successfully.

While many chronic-snorers also undergo surgeries to correct issues related to their snoring, only to often become worse and continue to snore. So what do you do?

Look into home salt therapy solutions for snoring.

Home salt therapy has proved to work wonders on those affected with snoring. The Saltair salt therapy device releases salt particles into the air that improve and deepen breathing, to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep for both of you. The device is portable and small and can be placed on a bedside table easily.

relaxing sleep

relaxing sleep

The particles have proven to penetrate deep into the lungs and clean up mucus, bad bacteria and reduce inflammation. It acts as a humidifier for the respiratory tract, clearing mucus and helps to alleviate allergies.  It also helps to remove impurities in the air such as dust, pollen and fights bacteria and viruses.

If you’re interested take a look at our customer testimonials and go over to the home salt therapy distributors’ page to find out where you can purchase a home salt therapy device.

2 thoughts on “Salt Therapy for Excessive Snoring

  1. I have just bought a Saline plus air purifier but am confused before I use it.
    Your instructions state to place it in a corner of the room but the internet tells me to place it on a bedside table facing me.
    My problem is continuous snoring
    Which is correct

    1. Peter,
      the confusion is about what product did you purchase? We do not sell the Salin Plus machine – we sell the Saltair machine! Did you purchase a SAltair Home salt therapy machine from our online store? We did not find you in our database so we suppose you purchased the other unit that has a dry salt filter inside.

      Our Saltair unit needs to be placed next to you on a night stand, during the night sleep. Hope this helps and clear your confusion.

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