Salt Therapy Natural

Salt Therapy – Natural And Efficient

Salt Therapy – Natural, Non Invasive and Efficient!

Speleotherapy or underground salt mine therapy is an alternative and complementary therapy method for asthma and other respiratory diseases, used in Eastern and Central Europe for many years. It constituted a natural asthma treatment since ancient times.

Based on this natural ancient method of treatment, an in-home line of salt therapy products were developed. These aerosol salt therapy products place tiny micro particles of salt and negative ions of salt into the indoor air, for easy and long term breathing. These tiny micro particles of salt are under 5 microns, with a majority under 1 micron, able to penetrate deep into the lungs.

The salt is known and clinically proved as having bactericide, anti inflammatory and mukolytic properties. These properties of natural salt help in unclogging the blockages due to its mukolytic property, reducing inflammation of the mucosa lining the respiratory tract by absorbing water from the tissue and killing bacteria.

The salt aerosol contains highly charged negative ions of salt that attach more easily to the positively charged mucosa, lining the respiratory system, increasing the effectiveness.

In the indoor air the salt aerosol makes the positively charged micro particles of dust, smoke, bacteria, fungi and other allergens to combine with the negative ions of salt and annihilate them.

Aerosol salt therapy products use only natural rock salt from salt mine, untreated with chemicals. They are easy to use, just have to be plugged in and get the exposure of the salt therapy during sleeping.

Salt therapy has proven beneficial effects in asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, sinusitis, allergies, ear infection in children, coughing and stuffy nose, and snoring. It highly increases the respiratory immunity again colds and allergens. In some respiratory problems the beneficial effect can be noticed from the first night of use.

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