SaltAir Reviews

The Ultrasonic Salinizer SaltAir is ideal for sufferers of any of the following problems (click below for SaltAir reviews / Testimonials from our customers).

SaltAir Reviews / Testimonials
Home Salt Therapy is very effective in all breathing problems!

There are a few tips in using salt therapy!

  1. Firstly, exposure time in a chronic condition is very important. You will need at least 7-8 hours daily exposure. It is best to get these hours during your night sleep. For extra exposure during the day, consider adding our Salt Inhaler or SaltAir mini for office use.
  2. To maximize results, consider clearing your nasal passages with our Sinus Rinse system before bedtime. This way, the SaltAir aerosol will easily penetrate deep into the lungs. Thus, it will be able to reach the alveoli, which is the target area. This is because healthy alveoli leads to healthy oxygen exchange and better blood oxygenation.
  3. If you have mucus that is difficult to expel, consider using SaltAir  in conjunction with the  Aerobika device. Use SaltAir at night and Aerobika in the morning. The salt aerosol will loosen the mucus during the night sleep and Aerobika will help to easier expel it in the morning. Aerobika is easy to use – you just blow into it and it creates a vibration that travels deep into the chest and helps to eliminate the mucus.

Our over 15 years experience in the home salt therapy field has been brought us great satisfaction in helping people breathe better and live a better life.

Saltair was reviewed by Moneyjojo as the best salt therapy device, number 1 on the salt therapy market –