Salt Therapy for Allergies

My family it’s been using Saltair – Home Salt Therapy for more than a year now, with very good results. We have 2 young kids, 6 and 9 years old, and I noticed that they do not get sick anymore with cold/flu so often as they used to. When they got a cold it helped them for sure with the nasal congestion and to breathe easier and also shortened the duration of their recovery. My oldest one had developed allergies this spring – she found the salt therapy machine very beneficial and now she makes sure that the Saltair machine is running in her room when she goes to bed in evening.

We went in a vacation this summer and we did not bring the Saltair with us and we all realized what a difference home salt therapy makes for her. She was really coughing a lot every day and had wheezing. As soon as we arrived back home, right after the first night of using the Saltair, there was a huge difference.
Saltair helps her breathe easier, it’s reducing the amount of mucus in her lungs and also alleviates the sneezing and coughing. I would recommend Saltair – Home Salt Therapy to anyone with young kids or who suffers from seasonal allergies or asthma.

I have used the Saltair device for less than a week and have found that the phlegm in the morning is really almost none existent and am not sure whether I took my ephedrine which used to be the # 1 thing I did each morning to open up my airways? I also have slept better despite the heat and I used to wake up with headaches which are non-existent? Urine, which was on occasion dark, well darker than I like it to be and I can flush my system out to repair but, I have noticed is very clear without doing anything?

I knew it would work and at least benefit my condition for sure but I have to tell you I am more than just pleasantly surprised. I was going to wait until after seeing the specialists and I was also going to wait until I was ready to do a whole month detox/cleansing before using as I wanted to combine everything at once and just get aggressive with my lung condition but, decided to go ahead with just the Halosense to be able to see the results independent from anything else. The results are awesome, so soon!

Even though I knew the healing powers of salt I guess somewhere in me resided the fact that it may be too good to be true to really treat what I have, but I am even more convinced than ever now! I feel a lot better and have more energy. Was also nice as I thought because of it’s size would be constantly filling but that’s not the case either, which is nice.
I apologize for not keeping better records of its results but really never thought they’d come so quick.

The first night I hadn’t slept much as I have it set up in my room but the next day noticed a difference but with the little time I had slept with it though maybe I was just having a better day? (some days were better than others) Took more notice the next day and thought well maybe it is the Halosense and by day three, knew it was…it is really amazing! Plus, I had done nothing else beside using it so know for sure it’s the Salinizer.

I look forward to it’s continuing healing benefits and to see what more it does. It is working on more than just my lungs but really too soon to say what exactly and how as I am honestly taken a bit aback as it really did wonders so far in just days and haven’t paid full attention but am and will from now on, just surprised at how quickly it worked.
I guess your stuck with me now as I will need to keep this going as I really love it! Thanks again…so appreciated, I can’t even put in words. Have a great day!

(* Used for Allergy and Lung problems)
Kudo’s to your company for an excellent product (Ultrasonic Salinizer) and fantastic product support.  Your timely response to my questions and service has been nothing short of spectacular.
My wife has issues with her lungs and I suffer from allergies.  Since using the unit for only a short time we have definitely began noticing better breathing during sleep.
I have and will continue to recommend this unit and your company to all my friends and family.

*(Used for Bad snoring based on Allergy)
We have been using the ‘SALIN’ medical device for the last two months and the results are excellent, absolutely amazing. Our night breathing improved 100%, we sleep much better during the night and the air in the bedroom is as fresh as if we had the windows open all night.
Four years ago, my husband had a nose surgery because he was snoring so badly he almost choked in his sleep.  Unfortunately, even though painful and uncomfortable, this  drastic procedure proved to be only a temporary solution, as his snoring resumed a few months later, even worse than before.

The doctors explained that he might have a bad case of allergies, aggravated in winter time by the dry and stuffy air in the bedroom.  And they also warned us about the possible health damages caused by snoring. Their advice was to have a humidifier running all night in the bedroom. This solution did not resolve the problem, though.
We heard about ‘SALIN’ from our friend and jumped right away on the opportunity, as we were desperate to find anything that might help.

This device really worked miracles for my husband – he has now a smooth and even breathing and he no longer wakes up with headaches in the morning. When I had a cold – stuffy nose, watery eyes, cough, sneeze, etc. – it disappeared in two days, versus one-two weeks as it took before.
‘SALIN’ improved our life so much, we are thinking of getting another one to place on the other side of the bed to get even better air quality in our bedroom.

We know that treatments with air enriched in salt particles have been used for hundreds of years to treat breathing diseases or problems. Those treatments are done in salt mines, they are lengthy, costly and hard to reach. ‘SALIN’ creates that kind of environment in our bedroom and we have access to a medical treatment that works miracles for us as we sleep.

Thank you for this great product.*
I have used it faithfully for the past 2 months and I feel that it has helped my lungs. It is small and doesn’t take up alot of room on my nightstand.  It also is not overpowering in the amount of moisture it emits so I can even use it in the summer when it is more humid.

*(Used for Nasal stuffiness)
I have been using the saline device for approximately 6 months and I recommend it highly. I no longer suffer from nasal stuffiness which  I previously experienced, and am now able to sleep more comfortably.
In contrast to other devices which remove dust molecules from the air, the saline device actually puts tiny salt molecules into the air, which apparently create the beneficial effect.
I highly recommend this device to anyone with nasal or bronchial congestion.

Dear Sir/Madam
I wanted to let you know that have received the unit* which is working great!
Your customer service has been first class and I am so pleased with the attention and courtesy that you have paid me.  Thank you so much for your high quality service – it has been very much appreciated and such a boost to a fabulous product!
I wish you success for the future and will have no problem in referring you in the future.  There is a market here in the UK that is waiting to be exploited, as there are no providers of such a product.

(* Used for Allergy)
Just wanted to tell you about my experience with the Salt Pipe.  I have suffered from chronic allergic “wet” chest for most of my life, but since I started using the Salt Pipe, I’m “drying” up. I use it every day to keep my symptoms under control. It works; it’s the only thing that’s ever worked, other than actually living by the sea.

*(Used for sleep and relief from effects of pollution)
From the first night that we used the Salin device we noticed the difference in our sleep. We are seniors and have difficulty sleeping when the air is heavy and polluted. The device allows us to sleep without wakening and, in the morning, we do not feel stuffy and groggy.  We find we are sleeping more deeply. My husband, especially, notices his breathing is deeper and that he is very refreshed in the morning. The Salin is contributing positively to the quality of our life. We are recommending the Salin to our friends. Thank you.