Salt Therapy for COPD

The purchase of saline therapy Saltair has been the best purchase ever. My husband was having to be hospitalized 3 to 4 times a year for pneumonia. The last time he was hospitalized was Feb 25, 2012 thru March 3, 2012.

I researched on line and thank God I found your website.  I ordered from you and my husband was skeptical at first. He said it wasn’t going to work. My husband has had pneumonia for 20 years without being able to cough up any phlegm.  Within 2 hours of first night using the saline therapy, he coughed for 2 hours solid and was able to clear out all old stuff from his lungs that had been laying there for all those years.  And since then, he is a firm believer.

He had symptoms a couple of times, but with the treatment at home was able to avoid even the doctor’s office for antibiotics. My husband has MRSA so it is vital that the pneumonia stay under control.
Thanks so much!

Now my daughter-in-law is having chronic pneumonia and I suggested that she order one from you.

First of all thank you for introducing me to salt air therapy* through our local paper. I can’t believe how much my breathing has improved. I have mild C.O.P.D I always felt a tightness in my chest my breathing was shallow, at night in bed I had a discomfort in my chest witch made sleeping difficult at times, I today breath much better, there is no tightness or discomfort in my chest and I am sleeping much better.
Again I say Thank you, you  have a great product, the beauty of this treatment is that it works as I sleep, I will be mentioning this product to my Doctor at my next physical.

*(Recommended by Paediatric Doctor Specialist in Pneumophtisiology)

I have studied a lot of 22 patients with respiratory and pulmonary diseases to whom I’ve recommended the Salin device. Five of them have asthma, 18 have respiratory problems of asthmatic type after infections with syncytial respiratory virus, and 15 of them are children.

I have analyzed 228 questionnaires from patients after 2 months of use and the results were just spectaculars. Patients with cord surgery, pulmonary neoplasm, one with leukemia, 2 ischemic cardiopathy and diabetic, pulmonary fibrosis, 2 cifoze with chronic respiratory insufficiency, 2 with mucoviscidosis (cystic fibrosis) with bronchiectasis, and all of them with favourable results after using the Salin device in an easier breathing, reducing cough – 2 patients with convulsive cough – cleaning the airway passages and diminishing snoring.

Salin device is a real help in respiratory pathology.

*(Recommended by Pneumologist Doctor)

I use Salin device for myself and I’m recommending the product also to my patients because I’ve noticed the beneficial effects: a more fresh indoor air, a reduction of bad odours, a fluidization and clearing of respiratory tract secretions, a less frequency of the dyspnea attacks and a diminishing of the intensity of asthma attacks, higher body immunity to respiratory infections. Salin device is a real help in all respiratory diseases because using a natural therapy (Speleotherapy / Halotherapy) offers a real improvement in health state, without any unwanted side effects.
Trustfully, I’m recommending salt therapy to all my patients.