Salt Therapy for Cystic Fibrosis

“To whom it may concern, first thank you for such a great product. I have restrictive lung disease which is similar to CF. I accumulate phlegm and cannot expel, after a few nights of the salinizer Saltair I started to feel loosening in my lungs, after 2 weeks I felt so much better (and my house plants are thriving) lol
Purchased it September12 2014.
Sincerely, Joanne Cutting, Cambridge, Ontario”

“We bought our saline machine over a year ago and have been using it almost every night. My boyfriend has cystic fibrosis and he found that it helps him breath easier at night. Making his chest feel lighter and clears up some of the mucus. This is just one of those machines that is so simple yet so helpful.
I do not suffer from any chronic disease, and I to enjoy the saline in the air, which makes my sleeping more clear. This is a quiet and small device that does not get in the way. Making a small difference every night that adds up to a much clearer sleep!”

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to share that I purchased a Salinizer a few weeks ago specifically for my two children with Cystic Fibrosis. They sleep with it on each and every night and the difference is so amazing!  The kids and their dad all came down with a flu/viral infection in this last week, and both of my little one’s with CF were over there flu/viral infection within 24 to 48 hours!
That is COMPLETELY UNHEARD of in our household! Thank heavens for your sweet little powerful machine!! xoxo

(* Used for Pulmonary Fibrosis)
Dear Halosense,
I came to your website via my Romanian born and educated dentist, who on a visit asked about my health and and when told of my affliction of Pulmonary Fibrosis she referred me to a salt therapy web site in Romania. Through further web browsing etc. I came upon your site and decided to invest in your Saline and Salt pipe devices.

I fully realized and accepted from your web site info that noticeable relief would not be for about 3-4 weeks of treatment. But imagine my joy on awaking after my first night of having the saline device working in my bedroom. My morning routine of violent painful noisy coughing in order to expel the build up of phlegm that had developed overnight was not needed, my breathing was normal and I really felt as if I had slept soundly. My wife said that I had not snored once the whole evening!

I was reticent about singing the Hallelluia chorus so soon so I have waited about four weeks before writing to you, and I am still amazed at the relief that I still feel most mornings. The phlegm still must be expelled o course but it is usually later than immediately upon arising and is less painful and violent. I can’t tell you enough about how pleased I am at the results I have experienced. I also use the salt pipe as a extra during the day usually when I am driving when I can devote about 15-20 minutes to its use and find it so very helpful too.

*(Recommended by Pediatric Doctor Specialist in Pneumophtisiology)

I have studied a lot of 22 patients with respiratory and pulmonary diseases to whom I’ve recommended the Salin device. Five of them have asthma, 18 have respiratory problems of asthmatic type after infections with sincitial respiratory virus, and 15 of them are children.

I have analyzed 228 questionnaires from patients after 2 months of use and the results were just spectaculars. Patients with cord surgery, pulmonary neoplasm, one with leukemia, 2 ischemic cardiopathy and diabetic, pulmonary fibrosis, 2 cifoze with chronic respiratory insufficiency, 2 with mucoviscidosis (cystic fibrosis) with bronchiectasis, and all of them with favourable results after using the Salin device in an easier breathing, reducing cough – 2 patients with convulsive cough -, cleaning the airway passages and diminishing snoring.
Salin device is a real help in respiratory pathology.

*(Recommended by Pneumologist Doctor)

I use Salin device for myself and I’m recommending the product also to my patients because I’ve noticed the beneficial effects: a more fresh indoor air, a reduction of bad odours, a fluidization and clearing of respiratory tract secretions, a less frequency of the dyspnea attacks and a diminishing of the intensity of asthma attacks, higher body immunity to respiratory infections. Salin device is a real help in all respiratory diseases because using a natural therapy (Speleotherapy / Halotherapy) offers a real improvement in health state, without any unwanted side effects. Trustfully, I’m recommending salt therapy to all my patients.