Salt Therapy for Ear Infections

In kind attention of Halosense Inc., Canada

About 2 years ago we purchased an Ultrasonic Salinizer for my son (3 years old) who got frequent colds, and subsequently a lot of ear pain. We were desperate after trying medications, seeing doctors, but we were unable to obtain a permanent solution to my son’s ear pain. We bought the Ultrasonic Salinizer, and it was one of the best bets we have made on his health. I used it whenever my son got a cold, and in several days he was always back to normal. The ear infections disappeared completely after 2-3 months of usage of the Ultrasonic Salinizer. We now manage to get over colds without medication, just with the Ultrasonic Salinizer, several hot teas and ZERO ear pain. If I am not wrong, my son did not get cold for about a year…

My mom, who is 70 years old, also started to use our Ultrasonic Salinizer as a final try to get rid of her throat pain, stuffy morning nose, and difficult breath during the winter season. She tried a lot of expensive medications, infusions, but nothing worked so far to last. She started to use the Ultrasonic Salinizer and she was amazed that in about a month, her throat cleared, she breaths normally, and the stuffy morning nose is almost gone. Now she asked me to buy her an Ultrasonic Salinizer to use it as a preventive aid.
Congratulations, the Ultrasonic Salinizer makes wonders! Really!

*(Recommended by Otolaryngologist Doctor)

My opinion, as 7 months user and Otolaryngologist (ORL) doctor, is that Salin is completely integrated in the algorithm of every prevention or rehabilitation program of respiratory infections with high potential of becoming chronic. I’m running a study using Salin device on 25 patients with various respiratory diseases and the good preliminary conclusions are giving me the motivation to continue my clinic and para clinic research. All my patients feel already an improvement in symptoms, an easier breathing, and a decrease of the acute attacks even in the highly epidemic period.

In the treatment, beside Salin, I’ve used remedies such vitamins and minerals, anti inflammatory, mucolytics and vaccines but no antibiotics and anti allergic drugs.

In my study, the 25 patients are children between 1 and 18 years old, with otic pathology, rhino-sinusitis infection-allergic, bronchitis and chronic amygdalate.
The examination is monthly, by questioning and ORL exam and para clinic exam as well (audioimpendantmetry, echosinusal, rhinosinusal x-ray, immunologic tests).

Because I’m convinced about Salin’s beneficial effects in respiratory diseases, I’m offering all my support and I highly recommend it to all patients.