Salt Therapy for Sinusitis

*(Used for Asthma and Sinusitis)

Thank you for letting  me trial the Salin Device. I have found it beneficial to relieve sinus congestion and reduce asthmatic episodes. Before I used the device I took Arius  daily, Nasonex 2 sprays twice a day, and Symbicort 2 puffs twice per  day. I have used the Saline device for 3 months and I no longer take the Arius. I take Nasonex only once per  day, and Symbicort once or twice a month. My husband has told me  that I no longer snore as loud as I did before.

Thank you again for  this opportunity. I would recommend this device to people with breathing  problems.

*(Used for Chronic Sinusitis)

I’ve had chronic sinus problems and the saline therapy helped me tremendously! I leave it on overnight just next to my bedside and feel a huge improvement the next morning. Also, it works wonders whenever my kids are sick with colds or flu. Having it in their room for a few hours, makes them breath easier, clearing their symptoms. Love its sleek, modern design, it’s easy to use, maintain and runs very smoothly.

I always recommend it to my friends and coworkers who have kids as it has dual benefits: as a cool humidifier, as well as negative ions generator much needed for your overall health and it has no side effects, even on babies. I totally believe in this product!!!! 🙂

* (Used for Chronic Asthma and Sinusitis)

(Chronic Asthma and Sinuses plus 2 operations for sinus polyp’s removal)

As a chronic asthma sufferer of 50 years I want to express my thank you to Salin for your excellent product. I have however one big regret about Salin and that is, that I did not hear of your excellent product much sooner, simply because it really works extremely well for me. Personally I am pleased to report to you I have in fact been able to cut my asthma drugs by at least half. Sinus congestion relieved by 75%.

In closing I want to tell you all, Salin certainly has my full vote.
Thanks again.

*(Used for stuffiness and Sinusitis)

I use both the Salin Plus and the Salt Pipe regularly and have noticed a great improvement in breathing, increased energy and I sleep comfortably when the Salin Plus is in effect.
I love using both products and would strongly recommend them to anyone who suffers from respiratory problems.

Thanks for your suggestion. I really like both products.

*(Recommended by Otolaryngologist Doctor)

My opinion, as 7 months user and Otolaryngologist (ORL) doctor, is that Salin is completely integrated in the algorithm of every prevention or rehabilitation program of respiratory infections with high potential of becoming chronic. I’m running a study using Salin device on 25 patients with various respiratory diseases and the good preliminary conclusions are giving me the motivation to continue my clinic and para clinic research. All my patients feel already an improvement in symptoms, an easier breathing, and a decrease of the acute attacks even in the highly epidemic period.

In the treatment, beside Salin, I’ve used remedies such vitamins and minerals, anti inflammatory, mucolytics and vaccines but no antibiotics and anti allergic drugs.

In my study, the 25 patients are children between 1 and 18 years old, with otic pathology, rhino-sinusitis infection-allergic, bronchitis and chronic amygdalate. The examination is monthly, by questioning and ORL exam and para clinic exam as well (audioimpendantmetry, echosinusal, rhinosinusal x-ray, immunologic tests).

Because I’m convinced about Salin’s beneficial effects in respiratory diseases, I’m offering all my support and I highly recommend it to all patients.