Salt Therapy for Sleeping and Snoring

I bought this device around 45 days ago with the intention of having cleaner air to breath at nights. It was claimed that it also helps with the snoring but, I was skeptical until I started using the device. My wife is a mild snorer and I noticed that gradually her snoring reduced to the point that it almost completely disappeared. This device really works. Pretty amazing! To this day, I’m still amazed and check her every night and her snoring has not come back. She would also wake up in the morning with congested nose and all cleared up.

We have the device by our bed and only turn it on at night. It’s almost noiseless and the noise from our street is louder than this device.
When the device is on, there’s a small green light that shows the device is operating but we taped it to block the light at night. Not a big deal.
I fill up the device only once a week. Cleaning up and maintaining the device is very easy.
On top of the physical benefits, from an energetic perspective I also like to breath salt infused air since salt has been used for thousands of years in ancient traditions to cleanse the space energetically.
Overall I love the device, it’s easy to use and very beneficial.

Update for those considering Natural Healing Methods. I have been using my SALTAIR for almost two months now and actually sleep for 7 hours straight… unheard of previous to using.
I have been diagnosed with micro bacterium xenopi, a rare lung disease (only 1500 recorded cases in Canada since 1959) I have scarring on both top lungs and mid right lung, so basically percentage wise living on one lung…

In kind attention of Halosense Inc., Canada

About 2 years ago we purchased an Ultrasonic Salinizer for my son (3 years old) who got frequent colds, and subsequently a lot of ear pain. We were desperate after trying medications, seeing doctors, but we were unable to obtain a permanent solution to my son’s ear pain. We bought the Ultrasonic Salinizer, and it was one of the best bets we have made on his health. I used it whenever my son got a cold, and in several days he was always back to normal. The ear infections disappeared completely after 2-3 months of usage of the Ultrasonic Salinizer. We now manage to get over colds without medication, just with the Ultrasonic Salinizer, several hot teas and ZERO ear pain. If I am not wrong, my son did not get cold for about a year.

My mom, who is 70 years old, also started to use our Ultrasonic Salinizer as a final try to get rid of her throat pain, stuffy morning nose, and difficult breath during the winter season. She tried a lot of expensive medications, infusions, but nothing worked so far to last. She started to use the Ultrasonic Salinizer and she was amazed that in about a month, her throat cleared, she breaths normally, and the stuffy morning nose is almost gone. Now she asked me to buy her an Ultrasonic Salinizer to use it as a preventive aid.
Congratulations, the Ultrasonic Salinizer makes wonders! Really!

Thank you for this great product.*
I have used it faithfully for the past 2 months and I feel that it has helped my lungs.
It is small and does not take up a lot of room on my nightstand.  It also is not overpowering in the amount of moisture it emits so I can even use it in the summer when it is more humid.

*(Used for sleep and relief from effects of pollution)

From the first night that we used the Salin device we noticed the difference in our sleep. We are seniors and have difficulty sleeping when the air is heavy and polluted.
The device allows us to sleep without wakening and, in the morning, we do not feel stuffy and groggy.  We find we are sleeping more deeply. My husband, especially, notices his breathing is deeper and that he is very refreshed in the morning.
The Salin is contributing positively to the quality of our life.
We are recommending the Salin to our friends. Thank you.

*(Used for Bad snoring based on Allergy)

We have been using the ‘SALIN’ medical device for the last two months and the results are excellent, absolutely amazing. Our night breathing improved 100%, we sleep much better during the night and the air in the bedroom is as fresh as if we had the windows open all night.

Four years ago, my husband had a nose surgery because he was snoring so badly he almost choked in his sleep.  Unfortunately, even though painful and uncomfortable, this  drastic procedure proved to be only a temporary solution, as his snoring resumed a few months later, even worse than before.

The doctors explained that he might have a bad case of allergies, aggravated in winter time by the dry and stuffy air in the bedroom.  And they also warned us about the possible health damages caused by snoring. Their advice was to have a humidifier running all night in the bedroom. This solution did not resolve the problem, though.

We heard about ‘SALIN’ from our friend and jumped right away on the opportunity, as we were desperate to find anything that might help.

This device really worked miracles for my husband – he has now a smooth and even breathing and he no longer wakes up with headaches in the morning.
When I had a cold – stuffy nose, watery eyes, cough, sneeze, etc. – it disappeared in two days, versus one-two weeks as it took before.

‘SALIN’ improved our life so much, we are thinking of getting another one to place on the other side of the bed to get even better air quality in our bedroom.

We know that treatments with air enriched in salt particles have been used for hundreds of years to treat breathing diseases or problems. Those treatments are done in salt mines, they are lengthy, costly and hard to reach.

‘SALIN’ creates that kind of environment in our bedroom and we have access to a medical treatment that works miracles for us as we sleep.

*(Used for Nasal stuffiness)

I have been using the saline device for approximately 6 months and I recommend it highly. I no longer suffer from nasal stuffiness which  I previously experienced, and am now able to sleep more comfortably.

In contrast to other devices which remove dust molecules from the air, the saline device actually puts tiny salt molecules into the air, which apparently create the beneficial effect.

I highly recommend this device to anyone with nasal or bronchial congestion.

*(Used for stuffiness and Sinusitis)

I use both the Salin Plus and the Salt Pipe regularly and have noticed a great improvement in breathing, increased energy and I sleep comfortably when the Salin Plus is in effect.
I love using both products and would strongly recommend them to anyone who suffers from respiratory problems.

Thanks for your suggestion. I really like both products.