Hello everyone! We are going to talk here about wheezing treatment, what is wheezing, and what are the possible causes.

About wheezing symptoms

The most common wheezing symptom is a whistling sound while breathing, and this condition could be symptomatic of mucus in the airways, asthma, bronchospasm, acute / chronic bronchitis or hay fever. All these illnesses are causing inflammation in the airways and tightness feeling that lead to wheezing. It could also mean there is something lodged in your throat or airway.

Another common sign is breathing difficulty, especially at exhalation. Sometimes this is accompanied by sputum and tightening on the chest. You can hear the whistling better if you exhale quickly while covering your ears. On the below picture you can identify the inflammation and tightening of the smooth muscles around the airways that creates the reduce airflow, together with mucus build up.

Wheezing causes

Wheezing symptoms are very common in children, with up to 30% of pre-school kids experiencing it. However these usually disappear by the time the child turns three. Usually this happen because the kids have narrower airways and their respiratory system is still under development. This may be the principal cause of wheezing in small children, under the age of three.

It is a different case when an adult suffers from wheezing, and that can indicate a more serious health problem. Sometimes, aside from difficult breathing, it may also be accompanied by a fever, 101 F or higher. This can happen with a bacterial infection or a developed bacterial infection due to the trapped mucus in the airways, that can lead to wheezing.

However, this could also be a sign of pneumonia or bronchitis, but whatever the cause, breathing will be hard, to the point it feels like you are choking. Other causes include allergic reaction to seasonal or domestic allergens that produce inflammation and increase mucus production. Food allergy can also create inflammation in the airways and difficult breathing.

Wheezing treatment

Whatever the cause, without a treatment, the wheeze will increase and also the mucus production and coughing. The longer this goes on, the more difficulty in breathing, especially if the cause is not eliminated and the stagnant mucus can develop a bacterial infection. A treatment should be follow as soon as possible.

There are many wheezing treatment options, such as supplemental oxygen, an asthma inhaler, inhaled corticosteroids or anti-inflammatory medications. The lasts will help to reduce the inflammation quickly and effectively, and restore normal  breathing in most cases. However, these are short-term treatments and not always effective, leaving alone the side effects they bring. A more natural and proven method, that can be used for long-term, as preventative and treatment, without any side effects, is Home Salt Therapy by SaltAir.

Salt air therapy has been around for a long time. People learned that the air in underground salt caves were full of ions and salt microns. When inhaled, these salt micro-particles get rid of harmful bacteria, viruses and allergens from the lungs and airways. Salt particles help to reduce inflammation, kill pathogens, humidify the respiratory mucosa and clear mucus. With time, it helps to desensitize the respiratory mucosa to allergens, in general.  Due to these wonderful effects of salt aerosol, salt therapy treats respiratory conditions like: frequent cough or chronic cough, asthma, wheezing, shortness of breath, bronchitis, COPD, emphysema, cystic fibrosis, snoring… to name a few. Scientific tests have shown that salt aerosol treatment works amazingly, and that is how SaltAir home salt therapy device came to be.

SaltAir is an ultrasonic salinizer that produces the same effects as in a salt cave or at seashore. The device comes with three months rock salt supply for the saline solution, and once plugged in, it converts the saline solution into breathable dry salt particles that are released into the indoor air for breathing.

That is all you need to do! You will then breathe the salty air for 7-8 hours, recommended during the night sleep, and soon you will breathe more easily. Easy to use, natural and without any side effects!

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