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  • Dog approved and vet tested aerosol chamber for dogs with breathing difficulties, collapsed trachea, allergies, and bronchitis
  • Flow-Vu* inhalation indicator helps you count breaths and provides mask seal, allowing confidence in medication delivery
  • Can hold medication longer, allowing dog more time to inhale
  • More medication is readily available from each puff your dog breathes in, ensures better performances and less waste which in turn saves medication costs
  • Anti-static canine chamber is easy to use, and delivers any Metered Dose Inhaler medication to the lungs
  • Designed with dogs in mind, comes with custom valves and 2 non-stick silicone masks fit for all dogs
  • Produced in Canada with parts imported from Canada and the USA


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Breathe Better. Live Better
Is Your Dog’s Cough Keeping Him Down?

For dogs with respiratory challenges, getting the most from their medication means making the most of their life.

Unlike oral steroids or injections, inhaled medications deliver targeted treatments. The medication goes directly to the lungs. This allows for quick and effective results.  Additionally, you use lower doses of the drug. In turn, your pet will experience fewer side effects and pet parents can comfortably provide easy administration at a lower cost.

Simply puff the medication into the chamber and let your dog continue breathing normally. The exclusive Flow-Vu* indicator will confirm visually that your dog is properly inhaling the medication.

The AeroDawg chamber allows you to manage your dog’s respiratory conditions.For example are allergic rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, and asthma are all treatable with the Aerodawg. This chamber targets delivery of inhaled medication to the lungs. It’s like treating human children. Designed specifically for pet parents and their fur-babies, this vet tested, and dog approved device makes using medications easy. Furthermore, it’s much safer than the side effects of prednisone. The AeroDawg* chamber allows you to continue having a happy and playful life with your dog.

Make Every Puff Count

With the design being made specifically for dogs, the AeroDawg* Chamber guarantees that medication reaches the lungs. Therefore, it’s exactly where your dogs need it and in the right dose. Furthermore, you save on drug costs by not paying for wasted medication.

How it Works

The AeroDawg Chamber works with any metered dose inhalers (MDIs). The chamber will capture and hold the medication in it until your dog breathes it in.

  1. Tight mask seal – two sizes of masks are provided, both of which ensure a proper seal to avoid getting medication on skin or eyes
  2. Chamber holding medication – chamber has been designed to hold medication longer for pets with smaller lung capacity or those who can get in distress when taking medication or need extra time
  3. Flow-Vu* indicator  – this indicator will show you that medication is being taken correctly, that you have a proper mask seal and how many breathes are being taken

How to Use AeroDawg*

Canine asthma uses the same treatment like humans with asthma. Corticosteroids and bronchodilators reduce inflammation and open airways during an asthma attack.
Dogs are unable to use a puffer or metered dose inhaler the way humans do. Thus, they need a chamber (sometimes referred to as a spacer) with a mask.

The AeroDawg chamber will allow you to “puff” the inhaler medication away from your dog. This decreases any chance of scaring your dog by a sound they may not understand or like. Also,  are many ways to help your dog adjust to the inhaler. For example, treats and play are common options.

Once you’ve followed the tips and tricks, don’t be surprised when your dog comes running to get their medication. With some patience, practice, and love, this will become an easy part of helping your dog live a happy and healthy life.

Easier for Pet Parents

  • Over 80% of pet parents find that using an inhaler with a chamber is much easier
  • No hiding pills in food or force feeding
  • Simply puff medication into chamber and then allow dog to breathe into the mask
  • Flow-Vu* indicator will move to give you immediate visual feedback and provide confidence that your dog is receiving right dose.



Small for dogs under 20lbs, Large for dogs over 20lbs


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