Salt Therapy – Beneficial Effects

Salt Therapy and the beneficial effects in asthma, allergy and other respiratory diseases

In Europe, the benefits of salt therapy, AKA Halotherapy, or speleotherapy, are well-documented in diseases like asthma and others. Halotherapy employs dry aerosol micro particles of salt and minerals to effectively treat respiratory diseases. It aims to replicate the conditions of speleotherapy, a treatment that originated in the old salt mines of Eastern Europe during the early 19th century. The discovery of salt mines’ positive impact on lung diseases dates back to the mid-18th century when Felix Botchkowski, a Polish health official, noticed that salt mine workers remained mostly immune to such illnesses. In 1843, he published a book highlighting the effects of salt dust. His successor, M. Poljakowski, established a Salt Spa in Velicko near Krakow, which continues to operate today. Interestingly, during World War II, salt mines often served as bombproof shelters, and those with asthma reported notable improvements in their health after spending time in them.

Halotherapy benefits in asthma

Currently, Europe boasts numerous salt sanatoriums, located in countries such as Austria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Russia. Halotherapy falls under the category of non-drug, non-invasive physical therapies for treating various diseases. In the former Soviet Union, medical researchers actively pursued physical therapies as an alternative to costly drug treatments with potential side effects and issues of microbial resistance. As a result, Russia has emerged as a global leader in the continued development and testing of increasingly effective physical therapies. Within this context, Halotherapy has been extensively studied and proven effective as both a primary and adjunctive treatment for asthma, chronic bronchitis, and a wide range of upper and lower respiratory tract diseases.

Respiratory diseases: A global issue

Respiratory diseases globally cause significant morbidity and mortality. However, most drug therapies for these diseases only provide temporary relief and often come with notable side effects, particularly those containing corticoids or steroids. There is a pressing need for effective physical therapies like Halotherapy. Speleotherapy, while beneficial, presents challenges due to inconvenient locations and substantial costs. Fortunately, a groundbreaking invention in Halotherapy, the Saline device, now enables Speleotherapy in the comfort of one’s home. As a result, the process becomes affordable and convenient. This air salinizer employs forced ionization through salt sublimation, creating a microclimate of dry aerosol salt therapy within your living space. The salt microcrystals, measuring under 5 µm in diameter, effectively penetrate deep into the lungs. As a result, great improvments in lung health can be observed.

The device has 4 clinical studies for:

  • Asthma and Chronic Bronchitis
  • Allergic Rhinopathy
  • Ear Infection in Children
  • Cystic Fibrosis

Clinical studies have established that inhaled saline possesses bactericidal, mucokinetic, hydrophilic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, it effectively reduces inflammation throughout the respiratory tract and the mucosa lining the airway passages. As a result, the airway passages widen, normal mucus transport is restored, and blockages in the bronchi and bronchioles are cleared. Furthermore, it reduces inflammation in the nasal mucosa, oropharynx, and soft palate, thereby alleviating nasal obstruction and snoring. This widening of the airway passage in the nose and sinuses improves sinus drainage and reduces snoring. Additionally, it diminishes edema in the Eustachian tube of the auditory tube, reducing the likelihood of ear infections and improving drainage and aeration behind the tympanic membrane.

Based on these, home salt therapy has beneficial effects in the treatment of:

  • Asthma and Chronic Bronchitis
  • COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
  • Allergic Rhinitis or Hay Fever
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Sinusitis
  • Ear Infections or Otitis Media
  • Smoking Cough
  • Various acute or chronic respiratory diseases
  • Snoring and sleep related problems
  • Colds & Flu by clearing the nasal airway and further improving the drainage of the sinuses
  • Persistent cough and broncho-spasms by humidifying bronchial secretions and allowing further elimination of the phlegm, smoke residual tar and other allergens
  • Improves the quality of the indoor air by eliminating the dust, cigarette smoke, bad odours, mold and bacteria due to antibacterial salt properties

Home salt therapy is adapted to the living space and can be used in all ages and all respiratory diseases, with no side effects. It is however, not a substitute for your regular medication and you must consult your doctor for changes in your regular medication.

Testimonial :*(Used for Asthma and Sinusitis)

“Thank you for letting me trial the Salin Device. I have found it beneficial to relieve sinus  congestion and reduce asthmatic episodes. Before I used the device I took Arius  daily, Nasonex 2 sprays twice a day, and Symbicort 2 puffs twice per day. I have used the Saline  device for 3 months and I no longer take the Arius. I take Nasonex only once per day, and Symbicort once or twice a month. My husband has told me that I no longer snore as loud as I did before. Thank you again for this opportunity. I would recommend this device to people with breathing  problems.

Dr.  Darien L-F, PT, PhD
The  Downtown Clinic, London, Ontario”

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