Salt Therapy And Our Health

The Crucial Role of the Salt in Our Health

Salt plays a vital role in maintaining our health. As a matter of fact, you have approximately 250 grams, of salt in your body, working to keep you alive. It plays a crucial role in muscle contractions, blood circulation, digestion, and the beating of your heart. Sodium and chlorine, the elements composing salt, are essential in our diets and are found in bodily fluids like blood, sweat, and tears. They play a variety of very important and crucial roles in our bodies such as maintaining the balance of fluids that facilitate oxygen and nutrient transport around our bodies.

The sodium in salt helps regulate fluid balance within the blood cells (homeostasis) and facilitates the transmission of electrical impulses throughout our brain, nerves, and muscles. Furthermore, it contributes to our senses of taste, smell, and touch, while assisting muscle contractions, including those of the heart. Chloride, on the other hand, is necessary for digestion as it contributes to the production of hydrochloric acid, a vital component of digestive fluids. In addition to this, it maintains acid-base balance in our bodies, aids in the absorption of potassium, and assists blood in carrying carbon dioxide from respiring tissues to the lungs.

Salt is indispensable to human well-being. It is naturally abundant in various forms: dissolved in seawater, salt lakes, and solid mineral halite, which can be found in extensive deposits worldwide. Historically, salt has even served as a form of currency. Today, researchers have done further research and have rediscovered the numerous benefits of salt. They have observed that increased salt and water intake can aid individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome. Moreover, salt’s anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, mucokinetic, and hydrophilic properties cleanse and widen airways, making it crucial in treating respiratory diseases.

The role of salt for maintaining health
Natural salt crystal

Salt therapy, based on the principles of speleotherapy practiced in salt mines, has become more accessible through devices like Salin and Salt Pipe, allowing individuals to bring the benefits of salt mines into their homes.

Some of the effects of the salt therapy on people with respiratory diseases as asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis and allergies are:

*Facilitates phlegm expulsion and allows for ventilation of lungs of patients with chronic diseases of the lower respiratory tract
*Reduces the total IgE level and further improves the non-specific and immunological response of the organism
*The relaxing effect of salt therapy on the nervous system makes it suitable for persons with sleep disorders ex. Stress ect.
*Improves breathing through the nose in patients with allergic and vasomotor rhinitis and purulent sinusitis
*Can further reduce snoring by clearing the airway passages in the oropharyngeal region
*Able to facilitate easier breathing by cleaning the airways and improving air quality by killing bacteria and mold.

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