Salt Therapy – Natural And Efficient

Salt Therapy – Natural, Non Invasive and Efficient!

Speleotherapy, also known as underground salt mine therapy, has been used in Eastern and Central Europe for many years as an alternative and complementary method for treating asthma and respiratory diseases naturally. It has a long history as a natural asthma treatment. Building upon this ancient treatment, we have developed a line of salt therapy products for in-home use. These products release tiny micro particles of salt and negative ions into the indoor air, enabling easy and long-term breathing. The salt particles, mostly under 1 micron in size, effectively penetrate deep into the lungs. This leads to fast releif of symptoms while treating the problem as well. Clinical evidence further supports the bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, and mucolytic properties of natural salt.

These properties help unclog blockages, reduce inflammation in the respiratory mucosa by absorbing water and eliminating bacteria. Additionally, the salt aerosol contains negatively charged ions that easily attach to the positively charged mucosa, increasing effectiveness. Within the indoor environment, the salt aerosol interacts with positively charged particles like dust, smoke, bacteria, fungi, and allergens, neutralizing them. The salt therapy products exclusively use untreated natural rock salt from salt mines, free from chemical additives. This is very important as salt treated with chemicals (as most consumer salt usually is) may do more harm than good. They are user-friendly, and only require you to plug them in to provide exposure to salt therapy while sleeping. Furthermore, salt therapy has shown significant benefits for asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, sinusitis, allergies, ear infections in children, coughing, stuffy nose, and snoring. It greatly enhances respiratory immunity against colds and allergens. In some cases, you can observe positive effects from the first night of use!

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