Pneumonia – What is Pneumonia?

  Pneumonia is a condition in which your lung inflames affecting the microscopic air sacs called alveoli.

  It is usually caused by an infection with bacteria, viruses or fungi, some drugs and other conditions like the autoimmune diseases.

 Pneumonia symptoms include chest pain, fever, difficulty breathing, and cough. It may also include headache and muscle aches. To diagnose pneumonia, tools include culture of the sputum and x-rays. Some vaccines are available to prevent certain types of pneumonia. Pneumonia treatment also depends on the cause underlying the disease. Pneumonia that is treated with antibiotics is presumed to be bacterial and based on a sputum culture to identify the type of bacteria involved. The affected person is generally hospitalized if the pneumonia is severe.

Commonly, there are 2 kinds of pneumonia;

– Lobar pneumonia, when there is an infection in one lobe of the lungs.
– Bronchial pneumonia, when there is an infection in both lungs or in more than one lobe.

Pneumonia is affecting around 450 million people worldwide per year, seven percent of the population, and has a result of about 4 million deaths, in developing countries mostly. People of all ages can develop pneumonia, from babies to elders. In fact, in terminal illness, when it helps to cut the suffering, the pneumonia has been called “the old man’s friend”.

How Home Salt Therapy helps?

The salt particles or salt aerosol used in salt therapy dehydrate the virus or bacteria not letting them spread around. Salt has anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal properties, helping to fight infections.  It helps to clear your lungs from the pathogens and the stagnant mucus, allowing a fast recovery. Mainly, the benefits come from the salt’s ability to fight infections, reduce inflammation and improve the mucus clearance due to its mukolytic property. Constant use of salt therapy, helps to increase respiratory immunity, improves sleeping due to the negatively charged particles of salt and improves breathing and blood oxygenation. This will help you live a better and healthier life!

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