Battery Ultrasound Inhaler for Horses AirOne Flex (BACKORDER)

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The AirOne Flex is the first battery-operated and ventilation-dependent lung inhalation device. When inhaled at rest, it facilitates optimal humidification of the bronchial area.

  • Almost maintenance free and very simple operation
  • Impact-resistance materials and splash-proof construction (IP54) guarantee safe operation
  • Transparent horse mask allows easy visual of correct inhalation
  • Soft and flexible rubber seal provides optimized fit of mask
  • Powerful Li-ion batteries provide operation independent of power supply
  • Fault indication in case of overheating or low water levels
  • Removable valves allow an easy clean
  • Horse adapted nebulization –  can perform up to 2-5ml/breath and 15ml/ min
  • Breathable range of 0.5-6 μm particle size
  • 2-chamber cold nebulization
  • 2-year warranty


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USD $1,999.00


AirOne Flex Includes

1. Nebulizer and charger (1.1)
2. Nebulizing pot (fixed component of the nebulizer)
3. Removable nebulizing pot cover with connecting pieces (3.1)
4. Breathing mask with connecting pieces (4.1), adjustable
fresh air supply (4.2), rubber seal (4.3), adjustable head strap (4.4) and one inhalation
(4.5) and two removable exhalation valves (4.6)
5. Connecting pieces, breathing tube 170 cm (5.1)
6. Wall bracket with 4 screws, 4 dowels and installation instructions
7. Transport box with cover
8. Snap ring for nebulizing chamber cover
9. Measuring cup 250 ml
10. Nebulizer cup, pack of 30
11. Contact fluid 1 litre
12.1 Operating instructions



Instruction manual




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