Salt Pipe Inhaler

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Salt Inhaler – is a small hand-held device, ergonomically shaped, filled with natural rock salt. The rock salt inside generates micro particles of salt by rubbing against each other and inhaler’s wall. You have to breathe through mouth and exhale through nose, starting from 15 minutes a day and increase to 1-2 hours a day.

The salt inhaler is recommended to be used alone only in mild respiratory conditions. In a chronic respiratory condition, we recommend to use it together with our Saltair device for night use. This will provide you with a longer exposure to salt therapy. In a chronic respiratory condition, 7-8 hours exposure to salt therapy is mandatory for lasting results!

Tips for using the salt pipe inhaler:

– They are not suitable for small children, under the age of 4. It needs active involvement of the user – hold it and breathe through mouth and exhale through nose
– Use it together with the Saltair device in chronic respiratory diseases
– fits perfectly in your pocket – take it with you and use it whenever you can
– very effective in sneezing – you will stop sneezing right after few salty breaths

Note: Please note that the Salt Inhaler is not accepted to be returned for refund due to hygiene reason.


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