SaltAir UV – Ultrasonic Air Salinizer

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SaltAir UV includes a FREE 3-month rock salt supply; it is also recommended to purchase additional salt to save later on from shipping!

Try it for a month and if you don’t see any improvement we will refund your purchase in full.*

*Shipping costs not included in refund and the product must conform to our policy.

SaltAir UV – Home Salt Therapy is our new ultrasonic air salinizer featuring revolutionary ideas in performance and easy care. It transforms saline solution into under 5-micron salt particles. The salt particles are dispersed into the indoor air for breathing. This way SaltAir UV can easily be used by the whole family, including pets.

Pets can also suffer from various respiratory conditions, just like humans. SaltAir device enables your pet to get the salt aerosol inhaled into their lungs. With salt therapy you can manage respiratory diseases at the source. SaltAir device brings the seashore aerosol into your own home! Using SaltAir air salinizer for your pets is as easy as for yourself. Try SaltAir – Home Salt Therapy today!

The SaltAir ultrasonic air salinizer creates breathable salt particles that penetrate deep into the lungs, to the alveoli. This helps clear mucus, fight infections, reduce inflammation and humidify the entire respiratory system.

The salt aerosol is also effective in cleaning the indoor air. This is due to salt’s anti-bacterial properties and high concentration of negative ions. The microscopic salt particles stick to the positively charged particles of dust, pollen, bacteria, and viruses. By doing so, it cleans the air and eliminates odours. Find more information about salt therapy.

In a chronic respiratory condition long-term exposure to salt therapy is necessary. Therefore, we recommend to use the SaltAir UV during the night, to provide 7-8 hours of salt therapy exposure.

– Therapeutic effects in all breathing disorders and allergies
– Improves breathing, blood oxygenation and concentration
– Reduces the effects of allergens and air pollutants
– Strengthen the respiratory system
– Salt therapy is 100 % natural and completely safe


Dim: 168x168x120 mm
Water Capacity: 500ml
Timer: 3h/6h/9h/On
UV Light: Two Intensity Levels
Auto power off

Box Includes:

– SaltAir UV
– Electric adapter
– Instruction Manual
– Rock Salt supply for 3 months
– Measuring cup


SaltAir UV LOT 1221-30, SaltAir UV LOT 1221-30 + Rock Salt, SaltAir UV LOT 1221-30 + Aerobika, SaltAir UV LOT 1221-30 + Sinus Rinse, SaltAir UV LOT 1221 + SaltAir UV mini LOT1119-05M


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