Cat Asthma

Feline asthma, also commonly known as cat asthma, is a serious respiratory condition. Estimates suggest that if affects between one to five percent of cats worldwide. Much like human asthma, this inflammatory disease affects the airways of the lungs. Thus, it can lead to difficulty breathing. In some cases, a severe cat asthma attack can happen. This incident can distress both the pet and the owner dramatically, which is definitely something that you want to avoid. Being able to understand the symptoms, triggers and treatment options is essential for managing this condition. Specifically, the use of devices like the AeroKat inhaler ensures the wellbeing of our feline friends. 

What is Cat Asthma?

Constriction and inflammation in the airways characterize cat asthma. Allergens in the environment usually trigger these symptoms. For example, pollen, dust and even some household sprays can be harmful for your cat. When a cat inhales these allergens, it’s immune system will respond by releasing substances that lead to inflammation. This leads to swelling and mucus production in the airways, making breathing difficult. 

Symptoms of cat asthma can range in terms of frequency and severity. Your cat may be mildly wheezing. However, things can quickly lead to severe distress, leading to life-threatening respiratory failure. Some common signs to indicate that your cat may have asthma include coughing, rapid breathing and an obvious struggle to breathe. 

Diagnosing and Managing Cat Asthma 

Diagnosing cat asthma can be a complex process because symptoms of asthma can often mimic those of other respiratory diseases. It’s important that veterinarians rule out other potential causes such as heartworm or bacterial infections. Alongside that, it’s likely that tests such as chest X-rays and blood tests will be done to rule out any other possible diseases. Owners should also be reporting history of symptoms to form a more accurate diagnosis.

The goal of managing feline asthma is to control the occurrence, reduce inflammation and prevent asthma attacks. Treatment generally involves corticosteroids to help open up the airways and reduce inflammation. These medications can be administered in various ways, either orally or injected.  Salt therapy at home, using SaltAir device, is another very good option to help managing asthma or allergy in your pets, cats or dogs. 

Recently, using inhalers is becoming a more popular and preferred method for delivering asthma medication to a cat’s lungs. The Aerokat inhaler is specifically designed for this. This inhaler includes a mask that fits over the cat’s head and a chamber that holds the medication. Not only does this prevent wasting medication, the cat is able to breathe normally while taking the treatment. 

AeroKat - cat asthma

Use of AeroKat Inhaler

Aerokat has several advantages over other medication options. Firstly, it delivers medication directly to the lungs. This delivery method ensures the treatment reaches the location where it’s most needed. Therefore, the effectiveness of treatment increases. Furthermore, side effects that often happen when giving your cat oral steroids are reduced. Having this targeted method enhances treatment quickly and efficiently. 

Compared to other treatments, Aerokat also offers a solution for owners who are looking for a non-invasive method. Since Aerokat can easily be used at home, it can reduce stress by avoiding frequent trips to the vet. Aerokat also offers precise control for medication dosages. This ensures your feline friend recieves the proper dosage each and every time. 

Introducing Aerokat 

Getting to a point where one can use the Aerokat effectively requires time and patience for both the cat and owner. Consider introducing it slowly. For example, letting your cat sniff it and explore the inhaler without using it. Additionally, treats and praise go a long way for pets. Make sure you associate the inhaler with positive experiences. Lastly, practice using the inhaler a few times before actually using it. You may want to consider practicing putting the mask on your cat, making sure they’re comfortable Once you feel ready and your cat seems accustomed to its new device, you can begin administering medication.

Concluding Thoughts 

Seeing your pet suffer is never a pleasant feeling. With the purchase of an Aerokat you are committing to giving your pet the best method of treatment. Gone are the days where you have to hold them down to administer injections or hide pills in their food. Furthermore, it’s important to take a condition such as cat asthma seriously. It requires careful management to prevent distressing symptoms and further attacks. The AeroKat can be a valuable tool when treating feline asthma. It offers minimally invasive and effective treatment, allowing you cat to lead a happy and active lifestyle.

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