Stress Less with Salt Therapy

Everywhere we look nowadays, we seem to be surrounded by negativity. Whether it’s counting the days until another lock-down or following threats of war in faraway countries, stress is all around us. Furthermore, we also must deal with our daily stressors in like. For example, making sure to get up on time for work.  Tying […]

Salt Therapy: Back to School Protection

School can be a very stressful and challenging  time of the year. For starters, you have a new schedule you must get used to for the year. Secondly, time management is a crucial element in having a good year. Between homework and studying, maybe you’re trying to find hours for a part time job. Or […]

Stop Snoring Permanently with Salt Therapy

For the past few months, things haven’t been great. You’re always so tired that even your usual cup of coffee in the morning isn’t as effective as it used to be. You find people at work bothersome, and you tend to get more irritated when the slightest problem pops up. You eat healthy, you get […]