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Stop Snoring Permanently with Salt Therapy

For the past few months, things haven’t been great. You’re always so tired that even your usual cup of coffee in the morning isn’t as effective as it used to be. You find people at work bothersome, and you tend to get more irritated when the slightest problem pops up. You eat healthy, you get …

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Ditch the Earplugs: Trying Salt Therapy for Snoring

It’s your favourite time of the day. After a long work day and finishing the errands along with chores that need to be done, you’re finally ready to sink into your comfy mattress and fall asleep. Everything is blissfully silent, and you’re just about to sink into a deep sleep, until you hear your partner …

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Get Salt Therapy Help in Snoring

You wake up every night at 3:33am right as your partner’s breathing starts to churn into a heavy pattern. Then it starts: a loud thick snore that will keep you up for the next couple of hours. You’re exasperated because you’ve tried everything – opening the window, using a humidifier or a purify the air, …

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About Wheezing

What is Wheezing? Wheezing is a high-pitched whistling like sound made while breathing.  It usually occurs during expiration (breathing out), but it can appear at inspiration (breathing in) as well. Wheezing is a result of narrowing of the airways, usually due to inflammation or by a physical obstruction. It is typically accompanied by difficulty breathing …

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About Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is a very serious disease and untreated  can lead to many chronic diseases, some of them life-threatening. In the treatment of sleep apnea you should check all available treatments and find the one that fits you the best. It is important to get more oxygen into the bloodstream and open the airways. Lack …

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