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A Salty Solution for Hay Fever

An interesting facet of the human body is its ability to make mistakes. Your eyes are not the only thing you can fool given the right conditions. As it turns out, you can also fool your immune system into thinking you are under attack.

This strange phenomenon is known as hay fever. The medical industry has given it the name allergic rhinitis and respiratory allergy. This is when you incur a common set of symptoms when you inhale or ingest a seemingly harmless particle.

These particles are known as allergens, and they differ from person to person depending on their genetic make-up. For some, it’s animal dander. For others, it could be pollen. There are even those that get attacked by hay fever from dust bunnies.

Allergy - Hay Fever - Allergic Rhinitis

In small amounts, these allergens do not pose any sort of realistic threat to someone’s health. But there are chances wherein the immune system would think that it is under attack and will begin to take uncomfortable steps in order to deal with the “foreign invader”.

These steps (also known as hay fever symptoms) could include sneezing, coughing, inducing a runny nose, itching of the throat and even a watering of the eyes. One or a combination of these things in rapid succession is sure to cause a great deal of inconvenience. In more severe cases, people have been known to lose sleep because their bodies cannot get rid of the allergens in their system, so the sneezing, coughing and itching persist until everything is eliminated.

Remedies for hay fever

Fortunately, there are drugs created specifically for these purposes. These are known as antihistamines. Instead of helping the body remove the allergens, they help control the body’s responses to commands from the immune system. They can be taken in sprays or tablets.

Unfortunately, they do not deal with the nature of your body to react to allergens. So as soon as the antihistamine wears of and you get exposed, it’s hay fever all over again. The only way you can really eliminate allergic rhinitis is to build up your resistance against these allergens.

With these aside, one treatment has been known to reduce the symptoms and increase resistance to allergens. And it does not require antihistamines and drugs.

What is it?

Halotherapy, as it is called, or salt therapy, is a treatment method using salt particles as a base substance. It works by inhaling microscopic salt particles into the respiratory system of the body.

Once these salt crystals are absorbed into the body, they not only clear out the allergens and make them easier to cough and sneeze out, but they also humidify and reduce inflammation in the small airways through which allergens make their way, triggering your allergic reactions. This helps you build up a better resistance with reduced symptoms and increased immunity the next times you are exposed to your allergens.

The best way to use Halotherapy is via the use of a machine known as Saltair – Home Salt Therapy. This is a device that can be used at home or at office. It offers long term exposure to salt therapy and this is mandatory for increasing the respiratory immunity. It creates the “salted air” by releasing microscopic salt particles into the indoor air. When the people inside the room inhale the air, usually during the night sleep, they also take in the salt particles which will then work its magic on their allergies.


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How Saltair Aids a Customer Suffering from Asthma – Interview

Esther is one of our customers who’s been using the Saltair – Home Salt Therapy device for very long time! It’s been helping her for more than 6 years to breathe better and manage her respiratory symptoms. She finds Saltair very beneficent and it helps her with her asthma, bronchitis and breathing difficulties.

“It has helped me enormously and I hope it will help anyone with breathing difficulty”, she said in an interview. “I am so pleased with the product that I want tell the world!”

“In the morning I am not congested, I am not coughing and it helps me enormously.” she said.



The microscopic salt particles generated by Saltair penetrate into the respiratory system by natural breathing. Once they get inside, being so tiny, they travel to alveoli – smallest part in the lung where the oxygen exchange takes place – and help in clearing and reducing the inflammation. They kill bacteria, viruses or fungi and humidify the whole respiratory system, clearing the impurities and mucus. This is also very helpful in respiratory allergy or hay fever, where the allergens are cleared from the respiratory system and the inflammation reduced.

Shortly there will be an improvement in breathing and in shortness of breath. The blood gets more oxygen as a result of better oxygen exchange in alveoli, and this will induce a deeper more relaxed sleep and better body functioning.

Using salt therapy at home every day, at least during the night, will increase the respiratory immunity against respiratory infections and allergens.


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Asthma symptoms, causes and treatment

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I can sleep through the night again and my overall breathing has improved

Saltair home salt therapy device
Saltair salinizer

” I have one and it has helped so much. I can sleep through the night again and my overall breathing has improved. I suffer from asthma, allergies and chronic sinus problems and would highly recommend anyone else who does t try this method. It works.”
Angela Cloud Peak, Cedar Hill, Tennessee

* Customer refers to the Saltair ultrasonic salinizer

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Aerosol salt therapy helps in allergic asthma!

Aerosol salt therapy helps in allergy and asthma!

Salt particles help to clear the mucus and the airborne allergens from the airways. Sneezing stops promptly when exposed to aerosol salt therapy and shortness of breath is much improved! Aerosol salt particles are very tiny dry salt particles that are able to penetrate deep into the lungs, promote good hygiene in respiratory system and improve breathing. – Breathe Better Naturally!