Salt Therapy and Allergies

Sometimes, the body works in funny ways. We can be left starving or dying of thirst and our body will do whatever it can to preserve energy to keep us alive. Or, when we sense danger, our adrenaline levels boost up, making us more alert, ready to fight or fly if need be. Yet, some …

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A Salty Solution for Hay Fever

What is Hay Fever? An interesting facet of the human body is its ability to make mistakes. Your eyes are not the only thing you can fool given the right conditions. As it turns out, you can also fool your immune system into thinking you are under attack. This strange phenomenon is called hay fever, …

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Aerosol Salt Therapy Helps in Allergic Asthma!

Aerosol salt therapy helps in seasonal allergy and asthma! Salt particles help to clear the mucus and the airborne allergens from the airways, that is common in allergic asthma. Sneezing stops promptly when exposed to aerosol salt therapy and shortness of breath is much improved! The salt aerosol consists in very tiny dry salt particles …

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