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Salt Therapy and Allergies

Sometimes, the body works in funny ways. We can be left starving or dying of thirst and our body will do whatever it can to preserve energy to keep us alive. Or, when we sense danger, our adrenaline levels boost up, making us more alert, ready to fight or fly if need be. Yet, some […]

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Health Benefits of Saffron in Breathing Difficulty and Shortness of Breath

People collect saffron from the styles and stigmas of the saffron crocus flower (Crocus sativus). It serves primarily as a spice and seasoning agent in cooking.  It is also used as a coloring agent due to its beautiful yellow-orange color. Saffron also offers several health benefits, making it one of nature’s most effective and expensive

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Understanding Emphysema

Emphysema is a long-term, respiratory chronic disease. People with emphysema have breathing difficulty, especially with exhaling the air out of the lungs. The most common cause for emphysema is smoking. Quitting smoking reduces the progression of the disease. This is the most efficient emphysema treatment. Curios about what you can find in a cigarette, beside

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Understanding and Treating COPD

Understanding and Treating COPD COPD stands for “chronic obstructive pulmonary disease“. COPD cannot be cured, but it can be managed and controlled pretty well with COPD treatment. Having COPD should not keep you from having an enjoyable life. COPD  symptoms include many debilitating symptoms such as shortness of breath, cough and poor lung function. Under

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