Chia Health Benefits in Allergies and Overall Health

Chia is also known as- Salvia hispanica, California Chia, California Sage, Chia Pet Seed, and Chia Sage.

Most of us do not realize that Chia seed is highly nutritious, has great medicinal properties, and has special health benefits in allergy. It has been used for centuries in the Incan, Mayan, and Aztec cultures for its beneficial properties. In Mayan “chia” is the word for “strength”, and is also referred to as “Indian Running Food” because its energizing capability. It builds endurance because it steadily releases slow-burning glucose into the bloodstream.

Chia Health Benefits in Allergy and overall health

Chia Seed helps to reduce blood glucose swings and provides support in hypoglycemia and diabetes.

Chia Health Benefits in Allergy and respiratory system

Another exceptional quality of the Chia seed, and similar to the salt in salt therapy, is its hydrophilic properties. It has the ability to absorb more than 12 times its weight in water, providing prolong hydration and anti-inflammatory effect. When you eat chia seeds the body fluids are more efficiently utilized and the electrolyte balance is well-maintained.

Chia seeds are rich in antioxidants and hydrating compounds. They help reduce inflammation and stabilize tissues affected by allergens. Individuals with cystic fibrosis and respiratory allergies might find chia seeds beneficial to add to their diet. Chia seeds can boost the effects of salt therapy on the respiratory system thanks to their mucin hydration, anti-allergic, and digestive properties.

Chia seeds offer easily digestible protein, surpassing beans, peas, or soy. They’re particularly beneficial during growth spurts in children, tissue regeneration in pregnancy or lactation, and for athletes building muscle tissue.

Chia seeds are also recommended in people with gluten sensitivity, carbohydrate intolerance, Celiac Disease, hypoglycemia or Crohn’s Disease, because chia protein contains no gluten. It is a great super-food for all people suffering from food allergies or food sensitivities. For weight loss, Chia seeds are also an appetite suppressant but having energizing capability.

In Central America and Mexico, chia seeds are mixed in water with lemon or lime juice and brown cane sugar to make a delicious, nutritious beverage known as “chia fresca”. The seeds can be mixed into cereals, yogurt, salads, baked goods or they can be eaten plain. They have a nutty flavor, and can be mixed ground or whole.

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