Chronic Cough And The Benefits of Home Salt Therapy

Hello, everyone. Today, I’m addressing a question many of you have asked: What is chronic cough? It’s not just a troublesome cough; it can leave you physically drained. In the most severe cases, it can cause lightheadedness, vomiting, and even lead to rib fractures.

chronic cough and wheezing allergic asthma

If you have been wheezing or coughing for 8 weeks or more, you most likely have chronic cough. There are many possible reasons that may cause it such as asthma, postnasal drip, tobacco or acid reflux. Occasional coughing is normal as it helps clear secretions and foreign substances from your lungs. However, if the cough persists for weeks, it is typically indicative of an underlying issue.

One of the most common causes is postnasal drip. If your nose produces too much mucus, it ends up in the back of your throat, causing you to cough. It could also be due to allergic asthma. If that is the case, coughing will be influenced by seasons. It could also get worse if you have an upper respiratory infection or breathe chemicals, fragrances or cold air.

Aside from frequent coughing, other symptoms include stuffy or runny nose, feeling there is something in the airways and frequent clearing of the throat. Other symptoms are shortness of breath, heartburn and throat irritation. A smoker’s cough is characterized by a persistent, dry cough.

Regardless of the cause, frequent coughing can be exhausting and may result in headaches, urinary incontinence, dizziness, excessive sweating, and fatigue due to low oxygen levels in the bloodstream. While common treatments include decongestants, antihistamines, acid blockers, and antibiotics, they may not be as effective as expected. They can also carry side effects that might exacerbate the situation. Relying solely on these options is not always advisable.

How Salt Therapy helps in chronic cough?

A better, healthier chronic cough treatment is SaltAir – Home Salt Therapy. SaltAir device converts saline solution into microscopic salt particles that are released into the indoor air. Breathable salt particles permeate the entire respiratory system, clearing mucus, reducing inflammation, and facilitating easier breathing. These particles reach deep into the lungs, specifically the alveoli, enhancing oxygen intake. This process clears mucus and improves oxygen absorption into the bloodstream, promoting overall improved body function. Additionally, the salt particles aid in purifying indoor air by eliminating odors, pollen, fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

In ancient Europe, individuals used to alleviate respiratory infections and coughing by visiting salt caves and inhaling the salty air. Now, with the innovative portable SaltAir device, you can achieve the same results in the comfort of your home or wherever you choose to use it.

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