While Halotherapy Has Immense Benefits There Are Also Dangers

Salt is wonderful. Not only does it improve taste of food, it has vital therapeutic properties. Specifically, it targets people with respiratory conditions. Some examples include asthma, allergies, COPD, ear infections and skin conditions. Salt can cure where allopathic medications do not work. It can protect and heal. A specific therapy that uses salt is Halotherapy. This is also known as salt therapy. Halotherapy can bring many benefits into your life. However, there are also some things to note when undergoing your salt therapy journey. Here you can find more about halotherapy benefits and side effects or dangers of salt therapy.

Benefits of Halotherapy

Halotherapy has a number of benefits in various conditions:

  • Salt therapy is invaluable for diseases of the respiratory system. Some examples are asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia. When the air passageways become inflamed and constricted, salt can ease the uncomfortable effects. It reduces inflammation, reduces soreness, expels mucus and brings about relief.
  • People affected by dermatitis, eczema, acne, and psoriasis can benefit by salt therapy. Breathing in salt air as well as contact of salt with the skin brings about vast improvements in intractable conditions.
  • Salt has a relaxing effect not only on the tissues but also on the mind due to negative ions salt provides. Spend some time breathing in salt laden air and you feel better, at peace and relaxed.
  • Salt improves oxygenation and aids in recuperation of the lungs. In turn, this is especially beneficial for smokers. Additionally, also helps athletes improve their endurance. For those with cystic fibrosis, salt helps clear up the lungs and prevents infections.
  • Salt can improve digestion and it can improve the immune system, helping people with digestive troubles and asthma or respiratory illnesses.Salt therapy benefits and dangers side effects

SaltAir – Salt Therapy at Home

The trick to getting the benefits of salt is to inhale it or consume it in just the right quantity. SaltAir – Home Salt Therapy device is the perfect solution to getting your perfect treatment. The SaltAir is an ultrasonic salinizer that disperses the fine particles of salt into the air. The SaltAir will do exactly what a salt mine does, but adapted to the home environment. Cleanse and rejuvenate the respiratory system. Additionally, it will also clean the indoor air for you. One can breathe in such air 24 hours without any adverse effect.

However, there are treatment centers where patients can sit in artificial salt rooms that have all walls and floor covered in salt. The air will be supersaturated with salt particles using a halogenerator. Spending extended hours in such salt laden atmospheres sometimes could do more harm than good. This type of salt therapy may cause adverse impacts. The quantity of salt aerosol is very crucial and must be at an appropriate level at all times. Control is the key.

Small Side Effects, Dangers or Benefits of Salt Therapy?

Halotherapy has a few side effects that can easily be avoided.

  • One of the main complaints of people who spend more time in poorly controlled artificial salt rooms is that salt causes irritation of the eyes and eyes become red and swollen. This may be a temporary condition and it is remedied by spending shorter time in salt rooms or by using SaltAir salinizer at home.
  • In rare cases, excess salt may cause conjunctivitis.
  • There may be an increase in coughing and sneezing. This is due to the fact that spending more time in salt saturated air will enable mucus to liquefy. This in turn will make you want to cough a lot more, to eliminate the secretions.
  • Artificial salt room therapy may be contraindicated in thyroidism, lung cancer, heart disease, tuberculosis, hypertension, intoxication and contagious diseases. This means that the treatment should not be undertaken from anyone suffering from the listed conditions.
  • Sometimes, you don’t get the salt room to yourself and share it with people who may be sick.

These issues were because the salt rooms did a poor job at controlling the environment. In general, the chances of any of these side effects happening are slim.


In conclusion, salt therapy has fantastic benefits to your overall health. It will provide great help in all respiratory conditions. It will cleanse your skin. Furthermore, it can even help you mentally due to the negative ions.

People with chronic respiratory conditions will need multiple salt room therapy sessions for lasting results. One session is usually no longer than one hour. However, this can be very expensive. In home salt therapy using SaltAir device by Halosense, minute quantities of salt is dispersed into the air for long-term breathing, during your night sleep. SaltAir device simulates the seashore aerosol directly in your home. This way there are no side-effects and no interaction with any medication or salt free diet.

22 thoughts on “While Halotherapy Has Immense Benefits There Are Also Dangers”

  1. emphysema treatment

    Very good information is there on your blog. It is very useful to me. Thanks for sharing this information and keep share good information on your blog.

  2. Good info yet I go to salt room and people are asked to not go if sick. People may have chronic issues but are generally not sick as you stated.

  3. Artificial salt room therapy may be contraindicated in thyroidism, lung cancer, heart disease, tuberculosis, hypertension, intoxication and contagious diseases.

    Can you expand on this a bit? Thank you!

    1. Hi Tanya,
      In an artificial salt room the concentration of salt aerosol is high because the exposure time is only 45 minutes to one hour, usually. This may have a too strong effect on lung cancer patients, tuberculosis, etc. The closed space in a salt room often is shared with other people and this is not indicated in contagious diseases. Salt room therapy is very good for many respiratory diseases and receiving a salt therapy boost in a salt room is beneficial.

      A home salt therapy device such as Saltair device, offers a gentle and private salt therapy at home, maintaining a good hygiene over the whole respiratory tract, increased respiratory immunity, better blood oxygenation and improved breathing.

        1. Home salt therapy is safe to be used in any lung condition because it is gentle and very similar with being in front of the ocean and breathe in the sea shore aerosol.

      1. You will have to check with a salt room. Here we have salt therapy devices for home use. Our devices do not negatively interact with any eye problems.

    1. Hi Mary,
      home salt therapy is gentle and natural therapy and the expected results are only the best. It is safe to be used in Thyroidism – the natural rock salt has many natural minerals in it and those have a good effect on the whole body.

  4. I would like to know if it would be harmful to someone suffering with severe eczema( hands swollen, painful, cracked). And if they did use this if the cracks were weeping during the 45 mins what does that mean?

    1. Home salt therapy is gentle and there will be no side effects; in a salt room there is more concentration because you are exposed only 45 minutes and some people can react to a highly concentration of salt particles; however this is not the case with home salt therapy and we believe it would be beneficial to you.

  5. Can home salt therapy be useful for elderly dog (15 – 16) with a bit of a weeze in his breathing? Blood tests done on dog : results yet to be known. He has had pancreatitis & history of skin irritations. Currently taking broad spectrum antibiotics/anxiety medication/joint or arthritis pain meds.

    1. Hi Caron, yes, home salt therapy can help your elderly dog to breath better! You will only need to figure out a good place for the unit to be close to the dog and in a safe place (the dog should not be able to flip it over).

    1. Hi Bill,
      home salt therapy has no side-effects in any health problems. Home salt therapy by SaltAir device is gently and does not interact negatively with salt free diet or medical conditions.
      Salt room therapy can have some negative effects in some medical conditions but only if the salt aerosol is not controlled properly.

      With home salt therapy you can be assured there are no risks. It is like being in front of the ocean or at seashore.

    1. There are no known bowel related symptoms caused by halotherapy. The salt aerosol deposit on the respiratory mucosa and get out with mucus. It does not get into the bloodstream. Salt therapy improve better blood oxygenation by clearing lung’s alveoli – where the oxygen intake takes place in the lungs. It will improve well being and organs functions.

    1. Hi Roberta,
      this is an article from 2017 – customers may choose to comment anytime and they do on different blog articles.
      If you have any question regarding salt therapy please feel free to post it here.
      Best regards!

  6. You explained each and everything in good way i just want to share some ingredients. The key ingredient in Salt Therapy is pure sodium chloride – absorbs moisture, soothes inflammation, and combats bacteria.

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