Salt Machine: Helping You Breathe Easier

Do you have a respiratory condition, experience breathing difficulties, or frequently contract lung infections? If you answered yes to any of these questions, SaltAir home salt machine is the solution for you.

What is SaltAir – Home Salt Therapy?

SaltAir is a salt machine that uses ultrasonic frequency to produce and release microscopic salt particles in the air you breathe. How is this beneficial? The breathable salt particles being released into the indoor air, penetrate deep into your lungs. They can get to alveoli, where the oxygen intake takes place. This promotes better blood oxygenation and relaxation. There are many health benefits, for people suffering from chronic or acute respiratory conditions. Some of the positive effects this therapy provides are:

  • Salt has mucolytic properties, meaning it helps in clearing the mucus and any trapped debris and/or pathogens in the respiratory system
  • Salt is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal, fighting against invading pathogens.
  • It decreases inflammation and helps regulate a proper immune response within the lungs.
  • Promotes better sleep due to the relaxing effect of the negative ions and better blood oxygenation
  • It strengthen the respiratory immunity and increases well-being

Home Salt Therapy SaltAir Serie

This salt machine is affordable and compact, making it effortless to use anywhere in your home. Its small size allows for easy placement and its lightweight design makes it portable. You can move it from living areas during the day to your bedroom at night if needed, although it’s recommended to have separate devices for each space.

Furthermore, the SaltAir device operates silently, ensuring it won’t disturb your sleep. As it releases salt particles throughout the day or night, you receive therapy without even noticing or feeling it happening.

How Salt Therapy works?

Salt therapy is a natural treatment and has no side effects. When using a salt machine, you not only gain numerous health benefits but also avoid any harm to your body, as there are no side effects or negative interactions involved. The negative ions of salt, generated by the SaltAir machine, also neutralize the airborne pollutants and allergens. This has a cleansing effect on the air you breathe.  Your whole family can benefit from the salt therapy at home. Salt therapy is advisable for individuals of all ages, from those with acute to chronic respiratory conditions, including snorers and those in good health. It enhances respiratory immunity and is especially beneficial for families with children.

The salt therapy’s positive effects build up over time, resulting in a stronger response with consistent use. The salt machine’s practicality makes reaching this maximum benefit easily achievable. Whether you have a chronic or acute respiratory condition, salt therapy can help you feel better. It works for common colds and even severe respiratory conditions like COPD, making breathing easier and improving your overall well-being.

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  1. I would be interested in purchasing this device. Please let me know how much does it cost in Can $ and if you ship to Canada

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