Salt Therapy: An Efficient Way in COPD Management

If you’ve even been diagnosed with bronchitis, you probably remember how difficult it was for you to breathe. All that clogged mucus not going anywhere and constant coughing is far from a vacation. COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is worse than bronchitis because it’s a combination of another illness called emphysema. Not only are you having trouble breathing, but your alveoli are destroyed as a result of exposure to cigarette smoke. COPD is therefore considered a smoker’s disease. It’s important not to be discouraged. COPD is treatable with the correct COPD management. With appropriate COPD management, most people with COPD are able to live a pretty normal life, though with many barriers. Unfortunately, the condition worsens over time so finding the right treatment is crucial for your health.

COPD Management

            The best way to keep COPD from becoming worse is quitting smoking. That’s never an easy task though. Many smokers who try to quit are unsuccessful and may find this to be too challenging. People with COPD have also tried moving to different locations where the climate is humid. The warm, moist air breaks down the mucus and it’s easier to expel. With today’s housing market though, moving is expensive for most people. Furthermore, this would require you to leave your old life behind. Leaving your friends and family is difficult; especially if you consider them to be a good support system. Less extreme ways to help manage this condition are going over breathing exercises and coughing techniques with your doctor. Controlled coughing and certain breathing positions will most definitely help, along with mild exercise and eating healthy.


COPD Treatment

            To find the right treatment for you, make sure to see a doctor to discuss your condition first. There are medications available that help relax the muscle around your airways. This helps relieve shortness of breath, making breathing easier. There are also two types of therapies you can choose: oxygen therapy or a pulmonary rehab program. Oxygen therapy is when you have a portable unit that delivers supplemental oxygen to your lungs. You can use it whenever you like and it’s easy to bring around with you. The rehab programs dedicate a team of specialists to your specific needs. You will receive counselling, nutrition advice and exercise training. These rehab facilities have been proven to shorten hospitalization. They also improve overall quality of life. However, rehabs can be costly, and most find it hard to afford.

A natural treatment that should be considered for COPD is salt therapy. With salt therapy, you’re breathing in microscopic salt particles. This can be done in the comfort of your own home. The salt attracts water liquefying the mucus and making it very easy to cough out. Salt is also an anti-inflammatory. Elimination of mucus and reducing the swelling of your airways will improve your oxygen intake. This will significantly improve the function of your respiratory system. A wonderful benefit of salt therapy is that the effects are felt quickly. With the airways clearing up, patients will experience relief from their breathing discomfort. Coughing will also lessen.

Being all natural, there are no harmful side effects to salt therapy either. It is recommended to use salt therapy in conjunction with prescribed medications, for best results. You may find yourself needing less refills than before. They don’t call salt therapy the miracle worker for nothing! 

COPD Side Effects

COPD includes symptoms such as: chest tightness, wheezing, chronic coughs and frequent respiratory infections. Patients diagnosed with COPD are also likely to experience episodes called exacerbation. In these episodes, symptoms get far worse than the usual day to day ones and linger for several days. This leaves the patient weaker than before and declines quality of life. When using salt therapy, your immune system will strengthen. You’ll have less frequent exacerbation, leading to prolonged remissions and improved overall health. The boosting of your immune system will also aid in preventing you from catching other illnesses.

Salt therapy isn’t a cure for COPD, but you’ll definitely feel like a whole new person with this treatment. Continually undergoing treatment will build your immunity, clear your airways and lessen your haggard breathing. Salt therapy will be your security blanket in this difficult time, providing you with comfort, relief and support. You can do this effective treatment without even having to set foot outside. Plug a salt machine in your bedroom and be subdued into your own relaxation zone. Don’t let COPD be the winner. Get back in control of your life and try salt therapy today.

4 thoughts on “Salt Therapy: An Efficient Way in COPD Management”

  1. Please I’m in desperate need how do I get and where do I get a salt machine. My sister’s mom is having a horrible time with her mucus she says it’s like paste and won’t come out. This is what she needs!

    1. Hi Jamie,
      you can purchase a home salt therapy device from our website
      Salt therapy helps to clear the mucus and improve breathing.

  2. I have emphysema and also low oxygen saturation in my blood, so that I can’t rely on my oximeter for an accurate reading. The device often shows that at some times my oxygen levels are in the low, acceptable range (88-95) and other times it is in the low 80s(82 or so) but I never really know where I am at with it and can’t rely on it for accuracy. I tire easily, but when I rest, I feel better and can again be active for a while before having to rest again.

    I’m not looking for miracles but if I could get some improvement with this device, I would be very happy indeed. I was on oxygen just during the night, but my doctor recently increased it to daytime use as well, unless I am resting, as in a chair in front of my computer, for example. One thing that I do not have is a lot of mucus. The real big problem, at this stage appears to be my low oxygen levels as the obstruction/constriction of my lungs is, so far moderate.

    I do wish that you had some more clinical studies on your website, as we all like a little verification when we are putting our trust into something that we know little about or the manufacturers thereof!

    I would very much appreciate hearing from you! I thank you in advance for anything that you can tell me!
    Godelieve Danker
    [email protected]

    1. Hello Godelieve,
      we do have a link to clinical studies – please check here
      If you are not on the oxygen tank all the time and can get to breath the indoor air enriched with the salt particles, salt therapy will help you. We have helped many people with a variety of breathing issues. Please read on our website and if you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
      Best regards!
      Home Salt Therapy

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