Salt Therapy for Shortness of Breath

If you’re one of those people who experience feelings of breathlessness due to your medical condition, then your monthly bill is probably charged with prescription drugs, puffers, or inhalers. Does not need to be like this – salt therapy for shortness of breath is easy and effective!

Drugs may be effective, but as you probably experienced by now, the relief they provide from the wheezing, the coughing or chest tightness is often episodic. You might have explored alternative options, and salt therapy could have caught your attention. Numerous individuals experiencing shortness of breath have testified to its significant impact on improving their breathing. The noteworthy aspect is that they observed increased improvement with regular, daily use of salt therapy.

Let me tell you a bit about salt therapy. The salt therapy is not new; in fact, it’s been used for hundreds of years by people – both adults and children — suffering from a variety of respiratory problems. In the past, patients had to visit salt caves to experience the miraculous effect of the salt aerosol. Nowadays, there are home salt therapy products that can provide you with the same benefits without requiring you to leave your home.


Salt therapy at home

SaltAir – Home Salt Therapy

Here’s our first salt therapy machine – the SaltAir device. The SaltAir home salt therapy device is an FDA-approved product in Canada, Europe and the USA. Utilizing ultrasonic technology, it disperses beneficial salt aerosols into the surrounding air, effectively clearing your respiratory tract. These aerosols travel directly into your lungs, eliminating any build-up and reducing inflammation that may cause wheezing during breathing. Simply place it on your nightstand and keep it turned on for at least 7 or 8 hours while you sleep. After just a few weeks, you’ll likely notice easier breathing. Many users have reported reduced coughing and improved breathing within just a few days of using SaltAir.

No need to worry about concurrent medications! The product is safe for use regardless of your ongoing treatment. It’s also suitable for children, pregnant women, and even pets! So, my advice is—let your entire family experience the miraculous benefits of salt therapy and embrace the habit of better breathing!

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2 thoughts on “Salt Therapy for Shortness of Breath”

  1.  Can you have franchisee in India as i have lots of patinets of such conditions we are using Nasowash as salt therapy for rhinitis and sinusitis with nasal saline solution to wash the nose and sinus

    Dr warad vijay

    1. Hi Vijay,

      yes, we can work with you in India. Please contact us through our email halosense at salinetherapy dot com.

      Saltair therapy is much better than nasal saline wash. The salt aerosol particles penetrate deep into the lungs to alveoli and help to clear the mucus, fight infections and reduce inflammation.

      Best regards!

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