Salt Therapy and Allergies

Sometimes, the body works in funny ways. We can be left starving or dying of thirst and our body will do whatever it can to preserve energy to keep us alive. Or, when we sense danger, our adrenaline levels boost up, making us more alert, ready to fight or fly if need be. Yet, some of us can suffer a near death experience if we’re around a certain substance. All because our immune has mistaken that substance as harmful. Welcome to the world of allergies. While there are many ways to treat it, a natural one has been shown to be just as effective as medication. Salt therapy for allergies is a treatment type you’ll want to remember.

What Are Allergies?

An allergy is a hypersensitive response created by your immune system. An allergen can  enter the body or it can simply come into contact with it.  In turn, the body will see it as harmful and try to destroy it. Additionally, allergies also take some time to form. The body undergoes a process called sensitization. In this stage, the immune system will make sure to remember the allergen it sees as dangerous. From there, the body creates antibodies to attack it, causing the allergic reaction to happen.

Many individuals have different allergies, and it’s important to be aware of them as some can be life threatening. A few examples of common allergies include but are not limited to: pollen, nuts, eggs, wheat and insects. However, there are a variety of more out there. For some, allergies will come into seasonal peaks. Spring and summer tend to trigger more allergies in individuals due to grasses, trees and plants releasing high levels of pollen. However, allergies can last year round too. Allergies are unfortunately incurable. However, there are a variety of treatments available.

Allergy - Hay Fever - Allergic Rhinitis

Allergy Symptoms and Treatment

            Overall, allergy symptoms can be very uncomfortable for an individual. Symptoms vary depending on the type of allergen. For example, someone with a dust or pollen allergy may experience symptoms like a common cold such as a runny nose and coughing. Whereas with a food allergy, swelling of the lips and throat, vomiting and shortness of breath come into play. Since swollen airways can occur, an allergic reaction can lead to anaphylaxis, which is a severe allergic reaction. It causes blood pressure to drop, breathing problems, and even result in death. That’s why most individuals with severe allergies carry an Epi-Pen. The EpiPen can help stall the progression of the symptoms, allowing enough time to get to a hospital.

            Treatment for allergies is very accessible and easy to obtain nowadays. Antihistamines and oral decongestants are available at most drug stores now, promising to provide relief. However, a common problem experienced by most is that the body will develop a drug tolerance, making the medication not as effective. Alternatively, others opt to see an allergen specialist and partake in exposure therapy. Exposure therapy is when the patient will expose themselves repeatedly to the allergen. The goal is for the body to stop seeing the allergen as an attacker. While both modifications and exposure therapy greatly help with treatment of allergies, salt therapy is also a wonderful alternative path to consider.

Salt Therapy and Allergies

Salt therapy is a natural treatment that can easily improve the quality of life of anyone suffering from allergies. Treatment is very simple and minimal. All  you need is to sit in a room with a salt machine and breathe in salt particles.

These particles travel deep into the lungs, providing immense relief by cleansing the respiratory system of the allergen. As you breathe in the air, the microscopic salt particles absorb the toxins and allergens in your airways. In turn, this clears the airways and detoxes the entire respiratory system, allowing more oxygen into your air ducts for increased airflow. Additionally,  bacteria are often responsible for complicating or triggering an allergy. The salt reduces bacterial growth and its ability to multiply. With less allergens being in your body, your immune system will not respond to it as aggressively, lowering your symptoms. Furthermore, salt is an anti-inflammatory. By reducing inflammation in the airways, toxins will be easier to expel on your own by coughing or sneezing. Salt therapy can also help individuals breathing heavily polluted air, such as smoke effects after wildfires. The deep cleaning effect salt has on the lungs will improve breathing tremendously after breathing polluted air, making this treatment an effective solution for various respiratory problems.

            Over time and with continuous use, salt therapy can improve your quality of life. Salt therapy can be done as you please, either by booking a treatment at a centre or purchasing a salt machine at home. Not only is it natural and non-invasive, it also doesn’t need to take over your life. Many who choose to do it will leave their salt machine running at night while sleeping, maximizing their treatment time. Salt therapy can be the perfect treatment you’re looking for your allergies, all it takes is one easy to operate salt machine.

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