Salt Therapy for Pneumonia Treatment: A Medical Breakthrough?

Every year, almost three million Americans receive a pneumonia diagnosis. The worst part about this is that this statistic has not been decreasing over time even with our modern pneumonia treatment. Considering salt therapy for pneumonia marks a medical breakthrough. The illness may manifest in various forms, but it results in similar effects. Lets talk a bit about what is pneumonia and its effects.

What is Pneumonia?

Pneumonia is marked by the inflammation of the alveoli, which are small air sacs in the lungs. The alveoli are known as small sac-like containers within the lungs. These act as filters that take in oxygen and break it down into usable substances for the body. Pneumonia attacks these air-sacs and causes them to swell up and malfunction, bringing all forms of respiratory problems.

Pneumonia is manifested in different forms depending on what kind of infection the alveoli incur. You can either get pneumonia that is based on a bacterial, viral, or fungal infection. Treatments for each type differ because the source of the infection is different.

Salt therapy for Pneumonia

What are the Pneumonia Symptoms?

The most common are bacterial and viral pneumonia. The symptoms are the same and include:

– chest pain while breathing or coughing
– increased coughing that may be productive
– fatigue and confusion may also be accompanying symptoms especially in elders
– high fever, sweating and shivering (chills)
– shortness of breath
– faster heart rate
– headache

Walking pneumonia is another type of pneumonia. The main difference is that the symptoms are much milder. While pneumonia causes high fever and productive cough, walking pneumonia may involve a very low fever and dry cough. Walking pneumonia is typically caused by a bacterial infection. Normally, the bacteria lie dormant in the body, and the immune system becomes accustomed to it, resulting in a less robust response.

Pneumonia Treatment

As mentioned earlier, the type of pneumonia will typically dictate the required treatment. A wide variety of antibiotics and antidotes are available for bacterial and viral pneumonia. A fungal pneumonia requires a special diet and anti-fungal medication to get rid of the fungus that is causing the inflammation in the lungs.

Many cases of walking pneumonia do not require treatment. It will help to rest and drink plenty of fluids. Pneumonia treatment may include:
– antibiotics (oral or IV)
– corticosteroids to reduce inflammation
– oxygen and IV fluids for hydration
– mukolytics drugs to break down the mucus

Salt Therapy for Pneumonia Treatment

Halotherapy is a broad term that describes salt treatments or salt therapy for breathing conditions.

As surprising as it may sound, halotherapy is becoming one of the most popular methods of treatment when it comes to respiratory illnesses, around the world. Changing salt into an aerosol form for inhalation, helps prevent respiratory infections and ultimately lessen the symptoms of pneumonia.

Salt is renowned for its antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. On top of helping with the inflammation by fighting infection, breathing the salt aerosol helps to remove the mucus within the lungs.  Salt is also a potent mucolytic and helps to fluidize the mucus and quicken its elimination. The salt being antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal, salt therapy helps in fighting all three types of pneumonia and speed up recovery.

A very efficient method is by using a salinizer device directly in your own home. A salinizer is a salt machine that releases tiny particles of salt in the indoor air. It helps to ease breathing and clear secretions. It is best to use during sleep hours.  This type of salt therapy at home, allows long term exposure to the salt aerosol.  This is necessary in all chronic respiratory problems. A 7-8 hours daily exposure to salt therapy, during your sleep hours, will fight and speed-up recovery from pneumonia.

Constant use of home salt therapy, on a regular daily basis, have proved to minimize lung infections, increase respiratory immunity and improve respiratory health. Find more about the benefits of salt therapy.

2 thoughts on “Salt Therapy for Pneumonia Treatment: A Medical Breakthrough?”

  1. I had pneumonia and been out the hospital for almost a month and I still have simptomes but I need to go get an ex Ray see if the infection is gone well I lookit’s not. Cause I still have pain and short Ness of breath. I also have fungs on one of my hands Wich is the right hand and my right lung was were I had the pain is that the cause or I also have my vains like blowed in my legs I just don’t have the money to go back to the doctor for my x-ray they keep denieing my medicaid. Is there any other help I can get I just want to get better

    1. Hi Raul,
      salt therapy at home will help you to recover quicker from pneumonia. The Saltair unit releases microscopic particles of salt into the air and you will breathe that salty air for the whole night. It will help you with the shortness of breath and fight infection. Pneumonia can take a long time to recover after, especially in compromised immunity, but home salt therapy should help you. Read more here

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